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Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

Kia Ora!

     Things here in Hamilton NZ are great.  Its been rainy off and on this week, but Friday through today we've had some really good sunshine.  It feels really nice, except on Sunday when we had to wear suit jackets.  Its really hot with jackets on.  We've had some really good meals with some members.  President Porter only wants us to be fed 4 times a week by members, or else I think we'd be fed every night.  They call this the 20 k mission.  I heard that's like 40 pounds.  Is that right?  I sure hope I can handle not gaining that much.  I think I'm back to around 165.  I'll weigh myself whenever I get the chance.  Anyways, dinner on Saturday with the Satini's was amazing.  They're tongan and fed us a lot!  We had steak (they were a little thin and tasted like the marinated steaks back home), rotisserie chicken, and sausages, with potatoes as a side dish.  It tasted so good.  And then they almost always serve ice cream for dessert.  The ice cream here is really good.  Much creamyer than home.  I think thats what'll give me the most pounds. 
     A couple funny stories.  So earlier this week the district was talking about hair cuts and my companion said he needed one.  He said that he could get some clippers and that I could cut his hair.  I thought he was joking, but thursday night about 10:15 pm he asked me to cut his hair.  He just told me to do a #4 all over and then a #3 on the sides.  It looks a little round, and a tiny bit uneven, but it was dark outside and it was a little chilly standing don't blame me.  I might have him cut mine tonight or something. 
     Sister Porter gave us in our welcome packet a excersize routine that is about 8 minutes, and you can repeat it as many times as desired.  It looked pretty good, so I thought I'd give it a try.  There's 8 excersizes 1 minute each.  I realized that my watch only goes by 5's without a second hand, and there were no other clocks in the flat.  Then I remembered my alarm clock from home, and my companion gave me an adapter.  So I plugged it in and it was acting a little funny, but it eventually went back to normal.  about 2 minutes into the excersize I hear this little buzz and then a pop.  Then I realized that I didn't check the voltage on the clock.  The adapter didn't have a transformer in it like my camera charger has.  I accidentaly gave my alarm clock about twice the votage it could take.  So today I'm going to take it apart and see if I can find out what happened on the inside. 
     This last week we had a way awesome unexpected traning.  It wasn't technically a zone conference, but we had "specialized traning."  President and Sister Porter came, and a few other zones met at our chapel.  It was a really good and uplifting traning.  President Porter started off by saying to focus on the things you're doing good and how to do them better.  And only take a few things to improve on.  "Most people are hard enough on themselves.  So I want you to focus on what you're doing good, and how you can do it better."  I'm out of time now, but theres a quote he said that I really liked, and I added a bit of my own in with it.  "Miracles cost.  They cost work.  They cost faith. they cost obedience.  You only get what you pay for."

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