At age 19 I chose to leave my family in Providence Utah for 2 years, to spread the Gospel to the people of New Zealand, so they can be with their families for Eternity...

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Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Kia Ora!!

We've been really spoiled this week with warm weather. It felt like spring back home when all the snow is melted, the air is cold, but the sun is warm. I guess its not supposed to last much longer. There's some kind of wind coming off the ice caps or something like that, and we felt it get colder this morning. We haven't had frosts since last week, which is sure nice when we bike around at night.

So last week we had a bit of frustration in the companionship. I think it was mostly because Elder Jibas is used to the city and lots of work and heaps of families and baptisms. He's really frustrated that the country is a lot slower. So he's been frustrated with me, and makes me do all the work because I know the area, which makes me frustrated with him. So I know I'm a part of it. But we were able to talk it out during weekly companionship inventory (mandatory communication) and things are good again.

Jack and Paige were both baptized and confirmed this last weekend!! Finally and thank goodness! It was pretty stressful running around and getting everything set up and sussed out. But they both went smoothly and successfully. Jack's Baptism was huge. There was probably 70/80+ people there. He's got a pretty big family, and they're pretty much all SDA (Seventh Day Adventists). But they still came to support him being baptized. And in NZ whenever there's that many people gathered together, there's always a big feed afterwards.

Speaking of big feeds, after church on Sunday Bishop Manu made a boil-up for us for lunch. It was probably the nicest boil-up I've had since I've been out. Most of them are nice, but a bit watery.

At church they had I think 9 new callings. And while going through them, they called Jack to be the YM's 2nd counselor. And he was just confirmed on Sunday! Sure took me by surprise. But we also got a new ward mission leader, since last week they unexpectedly released our old one without giving a replacement. Bro. Wright is in his Early 30's I think, but he served his mission in Japan. So we met with him a bit, and he seems really good and ready for the calling.

I'm doing well, and time is going fast for me here. We've got work to do and its really rewarding to watch people come into the gospel. I'm greatful to be a part of this great work, and I'm making the most of my time here in NZ. Still happy, still healthy, and still working. Love you all, and thanks again for everything.

Aroha nui!
Elder Sorensen

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Kia Ora!!!

Thanks for the pictures, and boy does home look nice and warm. The nights and mornings are getting cold. I think one day last week was down to -5*C. They call it a frost. So its frosted the last few mornings. Most people are complaining, but I'm throroughly enjoying it. Its the closest thing to snow I'll be able to see here in the mission. I actually saw some ice in a gutter one morning! Its so humid that it all condenses and freezes on the grass, so it all looks white. Pretty cool.

My new companion is Elder Jibas (See-bus, like the waters of sebus in the book of mormon), and he's from the Marshal Islands. The first thing I noticed was that he has a sense of humor! Elder Hussain wasn't very good at getting jokes. And when you're serious all the time things get stressful. But anyways, I'm still here in Tokoroa. So Elder Hussain was called to be a district leader. I really thought I was going to go because I'd been here for 3 months, and he had only been here for 1 transfer. But President Lekias had something else in mind obviously.

There have been some big changes, and there are going to be more big changes coming up in August. 6 of the Senior Zone Leaders were put as District Leaders or just Senior comp as well as training. In August they're going to start a new training program. So for the first 12 weeks the new missionary (we're not aloud to call them greenies anymore) will be trained, and then they will train a new missionary for 12 weeks and that will create a big cycle. And also, every companionship will get a portable DVD player.

We had a couple really good lessons with Peter this last week and he is set for baptism on the 13th of August. He was a bit shakey at first, but after church and another lesson with a member he's pretty solid now.

Guess what!! I'm sitting here emailing, and Frederick walked in. They're the Philipino couple that went to the Philipenes for a month. He came over and wanted to set up a lesson! Talk about a miracle. Preach My Gospel says that we'll be led to them or them to us. It doesn't happen as often as I want, but when it happens it sure feels good!

Anyways enjoy the pictures and thank you for yours. I appreciate your prayers, emails, and support. It really helps me out! Love you all!

Elder Jibas

Pokeno Ice Creams (4 scoop) I think you can get like 20 scoops.  The only thing is that it melts super fast here, even in the cold.  My flavors are Limonata Cheesecake (my favorite) cookies and cream, mint/cookie smash, and lemon/lime
 Mountainside Graveyard
Aroha nui!
Elder Sorensen

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Kia Ora!!

This week was pretty good. We got to do I think a bit of everything. Trade-offs, setting people for baptism, traveling (to Rotorua) last minute, sun, rain, lightning, wind, sun rain lighting and rain all at once, and to top it all off we started teaching a guy from Switzerland.

We had the mission tour to meet the new mission president (President Lekias [Lee-key-us]) scheduled for Saturday morning at 7:30 am. So that meant getting up at 5, leaving by 6, and getting back to work at 10 am. But on Friday they called and changed it to that night. So last minute we shot up to Rotorua and met the Lekias family. Pretty cool family, hard auzzie, and I got the 'new missionary' feeling from them. Completely understandable though. He's kept the NZAM vision the same, but changed a couple of things. The vision is "In the NZAM we: Save Souls, by being exactly obediant, being preach my gospel missionaries, and Preaching by the way to everyone." Preach By The Way (PBTW) is a key indicator that I think is special to our mission, and it just means we keep track of the number of people we talk to. Pretty cool.

We had a couple of really choice lessons this week. The guy from Switzerland is probably in his mid 60's and is a real crack up. When he was talking about his car he said in his really heavy swiss accent that when he gets to a passing lane "you put ze svitch to ze 's' (for sport) and you put ze foot down!" We had a good lesson with him on Sunday and he finds it important to be baptized by the priesthood authority, but he's just not willing to set a date becasue it feels too soon. He really likes the plan of salvation because it makes a lot more sense than what the Jehovah's Whitnesses have shared. They've probably been one of the most frustrating people to work with, and the people they teach, they teach to turn out all other doctrines. I really don't like that church. But anyways. We had a lesson with Jack, and he hit us with a real surprise. We had asked him to pray about the 23rd of July to be baptized, and he said that he did so, and he got his answer at work throughout the week. He said its time to stop putting things off, and start doing things for his family. So we're pretty excited for him and his family.
So for the past few P-days, we've been working on a project with Brother King for a school dance. They had the theme for Narnia. And so we helped him build the sleigh and the throne. So thats what the pictures are about. We were going to go play golf, but the rain has put it off another week. Oh yeah, transfers are this week. I almost forgot. I don't know if I'll move or stay, but I'll sure let you know.

Thank you for all you support. I do need your prayers, and appreciate them.

Aroha nui!
Elder Sorensen

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Kia Ora!

This week the south wind has finally set in. I guess there's been an unusual high over New Zealand keeping it "warm". But now its moved away and its frosting overnight now. Even on Thursday, I think, there was a bit of frost on my helmet after our dinner appointment with some members. And that was from 7-8pm. Its really humid and it makes for some real heavy frosts. The days have been nice though. No rain......yet. I finally decided that its cold enough to wear my thick rain coat, sweater, scarf, and gloves. So thats been enough to keep me warm. And wasn't June 21st the shortest day of the year? So the days will get longer/warmer from here right? right? I hope so.

So I haven't met President Lekias yet, but our district is heading up to meet him in Rotorua on Saturday. Looking forward to hearing his ideas and get working for him. So that and Paige's baptism this saturday are really the only things happening.

I forgot that it was the 4th of July until I read Mum's email about the fireworks. Here its just another day. No one said anything and so it really surprised me that that's today. Sadley no fireworks for me, but Guyfox day is coming up in the beginning of November, and thats when everybody lights their fireworks here. Hope everybody had fun. Mum said that fireworks have been legalized in Utah. Does that mean ones that leave the ground, like bottle rockets? Does that mean that firework selections are going to be good in Utah?

Well I love you all, and thank you for all your support. It always helps me. Until next week,

Aroha nui!
Elder Sorensen