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Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Kia Ora!!!

Thanks for the pictures, and boy does home look nice and warm. The nights and mornings are getting cold. I think one day last week was down to -5*C. They call it a frost. So its frosted the last few mornings. Most people are complaining, but I'm throroughly enjoying it. Its the closest thing to snow I'll be able to see here in the mission. I actually saw some ice in a gutter one morning! Its so humid that it all condenses and freezes on the grass, so it all looks white. Pretty cool.

My new companion is Elder Jibas (See-bus, like the waters of sebus in the book of mormon), and he's from the Marshal Islands. The first thing I noticed was that he has a sense of humor! Elder Hussain wasn't very good at getting jokes. And when you're serious all the time things get stressful. But anyways, I'm still here in Tokoroa. So Elder Hussain was called to be a district leader. I really thought I was going to go because I'd been here for 3 months, and he had only been here for 1 transfer. But President Lekias had something else in mind obviously.

There have been some big changes, and there are going to be more big changes coming up in August. 6 of the Senior Zone Leaders were put as District Leaders or just Senior comp as well as training. In August they're going to start a new training program. So for the first 12 weeks the new missionary (we're not aloud to call them greenies anymore) will be trained, and then they will train a new missionary for 12 weeks and that will create a big cycle. And also, every companionship will get a portable DVD player.

We had a couple really good lessons with Peter this last week and he is set for baptism on the 13th of August. He was a bit shakey at first, but after church and another lesson with a member he's pretty solid now.

Guess what!! I'm sitting here emailing, and Frederick walked in. They're the Philipino couple that went to the Philipenes for a month. He came over and wanted to set up a lesson! Talk about a miracle. Preach My Gospel says that we'll be led to them or them to us. It doesn't happen as often as I want, but when it happens it sure feels good!

Anyways enjoy the pictures and thank you for yours. I appreciate your prayers, emails, and support. It really helps me out! Love you all!

Elder Jibas

Pokeno Ice Creams (4 scoop) I think you can get like 20 scoops.  The only thing is that it melts super fast here, even in the cold.  My flavors are Limonata Cheesecake (my favorite) cookies and cream, mint/cookie smash, and lemon/lime
 Mountainside Graveyard
Aroha nui!
Elder Sorensen

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