At age 19 I chose to leave my family in Providence Utah for 2 years, to spread the Gospel to the people of New Zealand, so they can be with their families for Eternity...

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Travel Itinerary

Arriving at Salt Lake City Airport, Tuesday, September 4th, 2012, 7:41pm

Interesting Fact: Because the time zone change, Elder Sorensen will arrive in SLC 26 minutes later than he departed NZ.

Mon, June 25th 2012

Kia ora!
     This week was great.  We had a baptism.  It was a lot of work, but it went through!  We also have a solid new set, and a solid new investigator we're hoping to set tomorrow. 
     Katie was a bit of a struggle to see if she was ready for baptism.  Mostly because she's so shy.  We just kept trying and trying to connect with her and help her to open up, and little by little she did.  I think a big reason was because of her nan.  She really wanted to be a part of every lesson and always know what was going on, and she also couldn't hear very well.  It was a bit of a hinderance, because Katie wouldn't open up when she was around, but I can understand why she wanted to be around.  Well we considered if she was prepared to be baptized this week or if she needed more preparation, but we felt that she was ready this week.  And it all came together well.  We're definitely going to be working with her a lot still, but we're really happy she did get baptized. 
     We also set Deja Masters for marraige and baptism for the 14th July.  Before she was planning on getting married in September.  But we talked about the law of chastity, and that it was important to live it as soon as she can.  She considered how ready she actually was, and we suggested the 14th, and she accepted.  We're pretty blessed because her partner is a less-active elder coming back, and he's been ready for marraige for a while now.  He's also trying to sort himself out so he can baptize Deja.  That would be a huge blessing.
     On Wed. we took a member out to a lesson which fell though.  She took us to her house and we thought to make it a friend share.  When we asked if we could share a message with the family she got her brother and his non member partner, who has been investigating for like 2 years on and off.  We got talking and found out that she loves coming to church, she's ready to be married, and she's pregnant and due any day.  Our next lesson will be talking about their family and how this will bless them and hopefully showing how sooner will be better than later.
-A few members from my last area found out where I stay and came and wished me a happy birthday

Elder Sorensen

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18th

Kia ora koutou kotoa!
     So transfers was on thursday, and the result was I shifted, and Elder Lee stayed.  My new companion is Elder Fulthorp from the outskirts of Sydney Australia.  I'll get a picture of us some time, but as you probably know, time is really short during the day. 
     This area is a bit of a change, so I'm still trying to get used to it.  I love that we have 4 set right now, so we've reached the standard.  We just need to keep it and set more.  I've met most of our investigators and they seem pretty good.  And we also shared our training yesterday at church.  It was smooth and spiritual, which is what we were going for.
     The people in this area seem a lot more polar.  Either really keen, or pretty rude.  I'm happy its still the same work though.  One awesome experience was my first night here.  We had a second lesson with an investigator named Bohinya.  We were talking on her doorstep, and I was trying to get to know her.  Elder Fulthorp had told me a little bit about her niece passing away recently, and so when she said that to me I asked her a little bit about it, introduced the plan of salvation, and she said she had a lot of questions that nobody has answered for her in the past.  I promised her answers as she listened to what we shared about it.  She was honest, she had lots of questions, but at the end of the lesson, she told us that we answered a lot of questions that nobody else would.  So we invited her to be baptized, and she accepted!  She's really happy about it too!  She's preparing for the 7th July.
     Then on Sunday we had the combined Relief Society/Priesthood lesson.  I wished I had more time to learn how to work with Elder Fulthorp better, but we did pretty well.  My favorite part was the role play.  We invited Sister Solomon to come role play with us and she did a perfect job.  She even committed to inviting her sister (non member) this week to a family home evening.  It was the role play, but she's really going to do it.  Bishop Turner closed with his testimony and shared how he was going to invite his nieces to hear the gospel.  It turned out really well.
     Funny Story.  Pulling out of our flat Saturday after dinner (sunset) and we went not even 5 meters, and a policeman pulls up and tells us to come over.  He inspects my bike (only a headlight)  and tells me I need to have a headlight/tail light and reflectors.  I thought I was going to have to go buy them, but he goes to the car and gives me a pair of lights (probably around $60) tells me to put it on, and then leaves.  Kinda scary, but I'm happy to have them and use them.
     Ps.  If anyone wants to see where I stay I'm in Manurewa, Rowandale ward, and I stay on Browns road right next to the netball courts.  And yes, I'm still on bikes.

Otara District + mission vision

Pange, E. Lee, me

Pekepo Family (Tepaeru, Arona, Maara, E.Lee, Me, Alisha, Cheyenne)

Elder Sorensen

Pps (I got the package, thanks family!!)

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11th + Transfers

Kia ora!

     Before I forget, transfers are this week.  So I'll let you know what happens next week.  Its pretty fun being the district leader who gets the calls about who's going where.  I think I'll probably get shifted for my last 2 transfers.  I'm thinking maybe down to Gisborne, or Manurewa/Papakura.  Not too much happening this week sadly.  We were supposed to have a baptism, but because Siaosi didn't come to church he doesn't qualify till the 23rd.  
     This week was pretty good.  We started off really good, but things started falling through towards the end of the week.  I feel we're doing a lot better eliminating missionary error, but I know we still have work we can do.  We made progress with pretty much all of our investigators, and got a really keen new investigator.  
     I'd say a few of our biggest concerns are getting our members involved in the teaching process, and our investigators dropping lessons.  We're using a new idea for getting members to lessons.  We made a calendar and had the members sign up on a day they would open their homes for us to bring and teach investigators at their house.  So we're going to see how this goes.  
     We had a keen new investigator this week named Siaosi.  He referred himself through the office wanting to know how to "become Mormon."  He's been to church twice already and has started to quit smoking and drinking.  So we taught him, gave him a plan and set him for baptism on the 16th.  But for some reason he didn't come to church, and so we're going to have to reset him for the 23rd.  
     So thats our plan for this week, getting our investigators to members homes, and having them invite them to 
church and other things.

Eat, drink, and [be merry, for tomorrow we die]

A member brought us roast duck for dinner...not my favourite.

Elder Sorensen

Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4th

Kia ora katoa,

     Not too much happening this week.  so it was a bit disappointing in the end.  I do feel really good about how many member present lesson we had.  Especailly because of the progress it brought to our investigators.  And we hope to carry that through this next week and now on.  Sadly Ana didn't give us the answer we expected, but thanks to brother Traill she was willing to keep learning until she musters up the courage to commit.  
     We did have a great week set up with heaps of appointments with potential investigators.  But for various reasons.  A few of them did remember and gave us a note to apologize which I think shows their commitment level, so we're definitely going to try back this week.
     We also started teaching a new investigator from last week that stays in another area, but his fellowship, and how we found him, is through his family in our ward.  We invited him to be baptized, and he agreed, but because he didn't come to church so he's not set any more.  But he's still keen to prepare.  As soon as he's a solid investigator, we're going to refer him over to Johnstone so that they can resolve his family concern.  
     Other good news is that Fa'apoi finally got confirmed on Sunday after 3 weeks.  Such a relief.  That will also help us achieve our goal of baptizing weekly this month.

looks like a hurricane on a sunny day

Elder Sorensen