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Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4th

Kia ora katoa,

     Not too much happening this week.  so it was a bit disappointing in the end.  I do feel really good about how many member present lesson we had.  Especailly because of the progress it brought to our investigators.  And we hope to carry that through this next week and now on.  Sadly Ana didn't give us the answer we expected, but thanks to brother Traill she was willing to keep learning until she musters up the courage to commit.  
     We did have a great week set up with heaps of appointments with potential investigators.  But for various reasons.  A few of them did remember and gave us a note to apologize which I think shows their commitment level, so we're definitely going to try back this week.
     We also started teaching a new investigator from last week that stays in another area, but his fellowship, and how we found him, is through his family in our ward.  We invited him to be baptized, and he agreed, but because he didn't come to church so he's not set any more.  But he's still keen to prepare.  As soon as he's a solid investigator, we're going to refer him over to Johnstone so that they can resolve his family concern.  
     Other good news is that Fa'apoi finally got confirmed on Sunday after 3 weeks.  Such a relief.  That will also help us achieve our goal of baptizing weekly this month.

looks like a hurricane on a sunny day

Elder Sorensen

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