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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mon, June 25th 2012

Kia ora!
     This week was great.  We had a baptism.  It was a lot of work, but it went through!  We also have a solid new set, and a solid new investigator we're hoping to set tomorrow. 
     Katie was a bit of a struggle to see if she was ready for baptism.  Mostly because she's so shy.  We just kept trying and trying to connect with her and help her to open up, and little by little she did.  I think a big reason was because of her nan.  She really wanted to be a part of every lesson and always know what was going on, and she also couldn't hear very well.  It was a bit of a hinderance, because Katie wouldn't open up when she was around, but I can understand why she wanted to be around.  Well we considered if she was prepared to be baptized this week or if she needed more preparation, but we felt that she was ready this week.  And it all came together well.  We're definitely going to be working with her a lot still, but we're really happy she did get baptized. 
     We also set Deja Masters for marraige and baptism for the 14th July.  Before she was planning on getting married in September.  But we talked about the law of chastity, and that it was important to live it as soon as she can.  She considered how ready she actually was, and we suggested the 14th, and she accepted.  We're pretty blessed because her partner is a less-active elder coming back, and he's been ready for marraige for a while now.  He's also trying to sort himself out so he can baptize Deja.  That would be a huge blessing.
     On Wed. we took a member out to a lesson which fell though.  She took us to her house and we thought to make it a friend share.  When we asked if we could share a message with the family she got her brother and his non member partner, who has been investigating for like 2 years on and off.  We got talking and found out that she loves coming to church, she's ready to be married, and she's pregnant and due any day.  Our next lesson will be talking about their family and how this will bless them and hopefully showing how sooner will be better than later.
-A few members from my last area found out where I stay and came and wished me a happy birthday

Elder Sorensen

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