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Monday, November 8, 2010

Nov 8th

Kia Ora!,

Its been a very eventful week here in Kiwi-land New Zealand! First of all, the results of transfers. My guess was that I was going to stay in Hamilton/Dinsdale area, and have to lead and basically be senior companion for a week, and that Elder Eckery was going to be transfered out. So we were expecting a call about it on tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Tuesday night, no call. Wednesday morning personal study, no call. Wednesday companionship study, no call. So we went out about our day as planned. When we got back for lunch, no call. I was so curious what was going on. We thought we should stop by our flat at about 4pm and lo and behold, there was a message! But it was not what we were expecting. Elder Eckery and I were being "double shifted" out, and they were closing the Dinsdale area for a transfer. I have no idea why, but that was way unusual. So I got transfered up to the Manukau (manu-cow) zone, but we're in Mangare city South Auckland in the Mountain view area. It took about an hour and a half to drive all the way up here, but it was a beautiful drive. We can see Auckland/One Tree Hill off in the distance. The "mountain" is really small, more like one of the foothills behind our house, but its more of a mountain here. Our address here is 96a Hall st. Mangare, Auckland, so you can look it up on google earth.

The flat is pretty messy, so I havn't taken any pictures of it, but the picture I sent, ours is the whiter one on the left. We havn't had any free time to clean or even unpack all the way. So today is going to be a busy p-day. The flat has a bedroom, a big room that we use for studying, two other rooms, a kitchen, and a small wash room. I'll see if I can send some pictures next week. Oh yeah, my new companion is Elder Jenkins. He was born in Colorado, but his dad just retired from the Air Force, so he grew up all over. He got his call from Virginia, so thats where he says he's from. He seems like a pretty nice guy, and I'm pretty sure we'll get along just fine.

Things here are going so much better than down in Hamilton. The people here are so nice, and heaps more are inviting us back to talk with them. This week we even got a referal that was looking to investigate the church. Things here are happening! I am just so happy and excited about this area. We have one investigator set for baptism for this friday! Her name is Matekino. She's about 19, Mouri, and has even given up smoking. And we've got a few others who are coming along. The prophet has given us a call for "Each companionship saves multiple souls monthly." Thats how well the work is going here in NZAM. We're well within reach of DOUBLING our baptisms from last year. I guess President Hinkley asked everyone (missions) to double their efforts and double their baptisms. Because we're doing so well and are so close to accomplishing that, Elder Hinkley (President Hinkley's son) is coming down to thank us in person!! We're having a special Mission Conference for the occasion. Its next week monday, so P-day and emailing will be on Tuesday. Its going to be so awesome! I am really excited.

Nothing really funny has happened to me this week. Except during transfers I misplaced my scriptures, but luckily they have been found, and are on their way to be returned to me.

 Goodbye Hamilton flat
 Beautiful New Zealand Hills
Manukau Flat

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