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Monday, December 26, 2011

Mere Kirihimete!

Kia ora!!!

     It was so good to hear everybody on the phone today.  Everybody sounded great.  I'm glad that everything is going well, and that you're all enjoying the Christmas season.  Its been great here too!  We've had heaps of feeds and so the scale says I'm healthy.  For Christmas Brunch we went to the Holtz family's home.  They fed us all with french toast, yoghurt/granola, sausages, bacon, and cresaunts (its french, I don't know how to spell it).  For drinks they had some nice citrus fizzy (pop), and sparkling grape juice, red and white.  Then for dinner we went to stake President Poutu's for lunch/dinner.  If I wasn't full enough already they started to eat about half an hour after I got there.  They had a nice potato/kumera salad of some kind, Ham, and a pork roast with pineapple, and more sparkling grape juice.  So that put me at the top, full.  So they decided to bring out a huge cake (the short side as long as from my elbow to my finger-tip) maple/chestnut and caramel ice cream, and a second chocolate cake.  I tried to say no.  But they said "its Christmas, its a day you can eat as much junk as you want".  So I ate some.  I barely survived.  After some talking they wanted to do a nativity story/narration.  So President cut out parts and passed them around.  It was really good with both narration and scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon.  Then we talked more and that was our Christmas day!  
     I hope everybody's Christmas was as good as mine, and were able to remember the true meaning of Christmas!  I am so grateful for Jesus Christ our Savior.  He truly did come, and this is such a wonderful season to celebrate it.  Even thought for me its a bit warmer than I'm used to, the meaning is the same, and even amplified for me on a mission.  As we went to church and also had the nativity, I felt the spirit very strongly, testifying that it is true.  It brought me love for my Savior, and a renewed desire to share that love with all those around me.  I love you all, I'm praying for you and appreciate your prayers for me.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Elder Sorensen

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