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Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd

Kia ora whanau!
     This week had so many things happening. To start off we got a new investigator from a family home evening, then we heard that one of our recent converts ran away from home, then on Friday Deja calls us up and says "can I get baptized tomorrow?", Saturday morning we also hear that one of the memers of rowandale ward passed away as part of a home invasion or something. With all of that we had great success this week.
      After the family home evening we were talking with someone who we thought was a part of the familiy and he said his name was Aukuso, and that he was investigating the church. We asked him if had missionaries coming by, and he said no, and that he's just been coming to church and loves it. He said that at his church he doesn't have a relationship with God, but since he's been coming here he's felt better than he's ever been. So we set him for the 14th of July. He just has to ask his mum. He said that she's already happy that he's going to church anyways, so we're praying and expecting a good answer from him.
      Friday morning just as we were ending weekly planning Deja rang us up and asked if she could get baptized the next day. We said we'd work it out, and everything went through well.
So now we'll be working with Aukuso, Michael, Laeton and Tyrese for this month. So with Deja, that will make 5 for this month. It feels great seeing so many people working towards and being baptized.
Deja w/ Dream (nearly 2)

Elder Fulthorp, and yours truly
Elder Sorensen

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