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Monday, August 27, 2012

Kia Ora Whanau (Haere ra Aotearoa)

Kia Ora Whanau,

     This last week was great.  We've had 4 people accept to be baptized, 3 need parent permission which shouldn't be too hard, and 1 only needs to get married.  Its really exciting for this area, because it hasn't baptized in a while, but we should have a bit more that weekly next month :).  
     We found a 9 yr old girl whose family thought they had to talk to bishop to get her baptized, but when we had a family home evening we told them that that falls under us.  She already wants to be baptized and the family's active and everything will be quick and successful.  The other 2 only have a parent concern of not moving too fast.  But we asked them if they enjoyed the gospel, they said yes, and after our last lesson, the restoration, we asked them if they'd be baptized when they know its true.   They said YES!  
     Then we had a huge miracle way off in Taumarunui.  Our brand president rang us up and asked if we could come for church because there are 2 part member families that want to come to church and us to teach their partners.  Because of sickness only one came to church.  But his partner Sue has been investigating for over 2 years.  She already believes the gospel, so her only concern is marriage.  So they're talking about it between now and this Sunday.  Thats her only concern, but its one of the bigger ones, but they really want to have an eternal family, so that will play a big role!  
     So we've got a great week for this last week of mine.  What a way to leave with a bang :)

Elder Sorensen

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