At age 19 I chose to leave my family in Providence Utah for 2 years, to spread the Gospel to the people of New Zealand, so they can be with their families for Eternity...

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dec. 27,2010

Kia Ora!

     Marry Chrismas (a couple of days ago)!!! And happy new year in a few days!! Next week when I email you I'll have been on my mission for 4 months! Crazy eh? That's 1/6 done with my mission already. Well I've been transferred to Te Kuiti/Taumarunui. These two towns are about an hour apart from each other. Makes for a long drive, but it is very beautiful country, what NZ is really all about. The people in these towns are mosly Kiwi or Mouri. We're the first missionaries based in Te Kuiti in about 3 years. I think President has seen the major work that's happened in this branch and wants us to see how well the progress continues. We've found a few potential investigators already, and we have a baptism set for Feb. and an 11 yr. old who wants to be baptized. Sounds like the work here is going to be pretty good. Even if we are way out in the wop-wops (boondocks/country). We're probably about an hour away from anything.
     Christmas here was not the same. Sure it was filled with lots of food, but it was pretty hot. And who does bbq's for Christmas?...Kiwi's, thats who. It just doesn't hold the same effect without the snow and the Christmas carols. Its weird having the seasons switched around. December and January should be cold! Thats something I miss as well. I didn't think I'd miss the cold near as much as I do. I like being outside and playing sports and stuff, but I love the cold too. Anyways, for Christmas we had 3 massive feeds, and 3 desserts. I think I probably gained 4 or 5 pounds on Christmas day alone. I need some serious workout routine to get this weight off. If sleep wasn't so precious then I think I'd get up early and excersize more.
     Well not much has changed since I called you last. And I have to go now.
Love you all and I'll talk to you next week. I appreciate your prayers.

Ka Kite!
Elder Sorensen

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