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Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Kia Ora!

This past week was good, although not too much has happened. We still don't have enough k's to go work anywhere except for Otorohanga on Wednesdays after district meeting in Hamilton. District meetings are always good because they're at the Temple Visitors' Centre (kiwi spelling). So I get to see the temple every week. I just wish I could go inside again. Its just that they close the temple on Mondays except for a select few. So hopefully I'm still here for one of those Mondays (I think its once a quarter). Our new District Leader, Elder Kimball, is a crack up, we're always laughing and having a good time through district meetings. My first two transfers here they were pretty boring. So things are going good here.

Its been raining for the past couple of days. Off and on, off, then on again, and sometimes we get super light rain, like a mist. Its really cool, wish you guys could experience it. Super glad we've had the car for the past couple of days. I still need to get some parts for my bike before I can start riding it again, so we can work in our other areas. Its just hard with limited k's, and there's no bike shop around Te Kuiti. So no updates on costs yet.

Yesterday Te Aroha got confirmed in Sacrament meeting. It was really neat, but not without some stress. Last Sunday was stake conference, so we didn't confirm her last week, so we thought we'd just stay in contact throughout the week. We went by every day, and couldn't contact her. Then about mid-week we hear that she's been staying at a friends house. So from a missionaries perspective we think that there's been problems and we start to worry. We finally saw her at a youth activity on Saturday at the chapel. Found out, no problems, just having good fun. So that was a big relief, and it all worked out. Just goes to show that when you do all you can do God will take care of the work.

Sadly Polly didn't come to church, and don't know where she was. So her baptism will have to wait till the 23rd so she can come to church 3 times. But with God's help and her desire, she'll come and want to be baptized.

I'm happy, healthy and working hard. Love you all, and mother's day is coming up in a couple of months, that means a call home! Looking forward to it. What day is it on?
One more question for Mum or Dad. How big is Fruitland Acres ward? (active average)

Elder Sorensen

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