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Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Kia Ora!

This week gone has been really good. First off I finally got to see conference. Wasn't it amazing? I think it was probably my favorite conference of all time. I loved most of the talks, and the rest were good. I don't know which talk was my favourite. We got to watch it here in Te Kuiti rather than having to drive to Hamilton (1 1/2hrs away) to see it. The only problem was a skip that would happen a couple of times every 5 min, so I missed a few words here and there, but it was livable. As you probably know, missionary work is hard work, and I'm happy to say I only fell asleep twice, and luckily not for long haha.

Thursday was a bit of a stressful day. We had a trade off with the zone leaders, except we all stayed here. Normally I'd love that, but we don't have too much work here. And the zone leaders made it feel like that was our fault. They didn't say it flat out, but I sure felt it. So we tracted most of the day, and still not much potential. So we're looking to go to Otorohanga more often to sus out how that area is. But one fun thing happened on trade off's. I got certified to drive the cars! I'm used to being on the left side, but driving on the right side of the road is super weird. Now I just need to get my license. They say that its about $100 or something like that to get a Kiwi license, but the church will reimburse if I send the receipt into the office. I'm going to talk to somebody and ask exactly how much so I can let you know.

Not too much progress with our investigators. Wayne was home sick with is boy, and Polly was down to Taupo catering for some event. But Brad came almost out of nowhere and loved conference. He said that it felt like some of the speakers were speaking directly to him.

Love you all, and until next week

Elder Sorensen

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