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Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Kia Ora Whanau!

This last week went pretty well, and I can't believe that transfers are this week! It seems like time is going faster and faster, at least for me. Tuesday night all through Wednesday and Thursday was wet as. Gutters full and fast, footpaths were like streams, lawns turned into ponds, and stairs turned into water falls. Needless to say I got wet. I think I could handle that, except its so humid and cold that nothing dries just by hanging it out. We have to turn on our heaters to get things dry. Our ward mission is way cool and gave us a dryer. It dry's the clothes, but doesn't make them warm like dryers at home.

But even with the all the rain we did quite a bit of work. We found a new investigator named Jack. The missionary who left is his brother-in-law. Jack came to the setting apart and the dinner afterward and said that he really felt the spirit. When we had the lesson with him he said he's ready to change his life, and his wife (the missionary's sister) said that she's ready to come back to church. He wants to be baptized and they both have the temple as a goal by the time Damian (the missionary) gets home. Pretty good goal to have eh? He's already married, no word of wisdom problems and said that the only thing holding him back from getting baptized is his lack of knowledge about the church. I think we can help with that. So he's really good.

So on Thursday I think it was, we had dinner at the Murphy's and I found out that brother Murphy was the first deacon's quorum president in New Zealand. Cool huh. Ya know the dukes of hazard? Well we also met the self called Hazard of Duke Street. Crazy old man who's into model trains.

So the work is going great here in Tokoroa. Transfers is this week and we have no clue or guesses as to who's going and who's staying. So I guess you'll find out next week what the results are.

Well I love you all and appreciate your support. Thanks for all you do for me, and for your prayers.

Elder Sorensen

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