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Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23,2011

Kia Ora whanau!!

This week was a pretty good week. We haven't had too much rain, mostly at night after we're in for the night. So lucky us. But it has been getting colder. Mum said that its about the same temperature, but the humidity here makes it go straight to the bone. I no longer take insulation and central heating for-granted. When I wake up in the mornings I can see my breath. In our flat we have heaps of windows and so they let in all the cold air. Its cold enought that we do all our studies and everything in our bedroom now. Its a small enough room that we can heat it up and keep it warm. Thanks for the leather gloves Mum! I'm sure using them, especially when we have to bike at night.

Last week was the first time that I've personally set someone for baptism. I think I've told you about Paige, but this is how we found her. We went to deliver a Lamb of God DVD to a house and after talking some, we find out that there's a non member granddaughter staying with them. Sister Mason, the nan (grandma), talks like a member and acts like a member, but her husband has Terminal heart disease. And he gets heart attacks easily so thats why they don't come to church. But Paige's nan was saying that since she's turning 12 next month, its a perfect time to get her involved with the young women. Personally I thought 8yrs old was the perfect time to join the church, at least thats what God said. Anyways. So we've been teaching Paige and I asked her about baptism and if she wanted to be baptized, she said yes, and so we're preparing her for the 25th of June. Which happens to be my 20th B-day. What better way to spend a birthday on a mission than with a baptism. So everything is going well and on track for her to be baptized then.

Last Thursday was also Zone Conference, the last one we'll have with President Porter. Its going to be really sad watching him go. I really like him, he's helped me grow a lot. But we have a temple trip with him on June 16th. So I'm getting some good b-day presents. Conference was really amazing super spirit filled. He took some time to talk to us personally. We spend all our time focusing and teaching everybody else, that he wanted to spend a few minutes talking to us personally. He gave a great talk about repentance and being right with the Lord. He said that nothing in this life is as important as being clean. He brought up a point that really surprised me. He said that over his time as a mission president he's had confessions from missionaries from everywhere except for the islands. He talked with other mission presidents and they've experienced the same things. Apparently in the islands confidentiality is breeched quite often. And so the effects are disgrace to themselves, their family and sometimes even their village, and a lot of the time they get beat. So thats a big concern that the area presidency is taking on. Pretty scary huh?

 Where? behind the ducking Elder

But this week we also had a missionary leave on his mission. Its a lot different here. Last night they had his setting apart and they invite the whole ward and everybody to come. They invite a few people to come up and say a few things, and then the stake president and some others set them apart in front of everybody. Much different than mine where it was just the family. But the spirit was there, especially as his mum spoke. She's not a member, but she was proud of him and knew he was doing a good thing. It was a good experience to go to. Brought back memories from me getting set apart. He leaves today for Provo MTC, and then he'll go to the Philippines speaking Tagolog.

I'm grateful to be albe to talk to you and look forward to talking to you next week too. Love you all and thanks for all your prayers. Love you all!

Elder Sorensen

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