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Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15, 2011 Mums' Day

Kia Ora!

Its been a good week here in Tok (toke). The weather hasn't been the best, but things are moving which I definitely can't complain about. Man, It was so good to call home last week and hear from you all. No, it didn't make me home sick, just miss home a little. Nothing to make me quit working or get depressed or anything like that. Only good.

Its been raining for the past few days, off and on, heavy and light, just a little bit of everything. The only thing that I don't like too much about the rain is biking in it, and that everybody stays inside. We get most of our potential investigators from talking on the streets. As I get more experience and more knowledge its making it easier to talk to people and trying to resolve enough concerns to have them invite us back. For everybody who's served a mission knows thats just the first part, then you have to try to catch them at home. And if its a single female then we have to get fellowship from the ward to come, and a lot of the time either the fellowship falls through or they're not home. But every once in a while it all works out. Then you start the teaching and on goes missionary work. If you think about it like that then it might get pretty repetitive, but I can tell you that every situation is different. And thats what makes missionary work fun and interesting.

We've met some crazy people this last week too. While walking past a liquor shop we saw a guy taking a leak on the side of the building, right in the middle of town. A couple of drunk people were telling us their life stories and having Jesus in their lives, and another guy told us a business idea for getting motorcycles to NZ because we were from the states. I swear that our badges attract all the crazy people from wherever we go. Makes it all fun. Good stories too.

Well, have to get going now, but I love you all and hope all is going well for you. Talk to you next wee. Love you all, and I appreciate your prayers.

Elder Sorensen

Hi Mum,

It was really good talking to you too! I hope that was a good mothers day present for you. Nah, I didn't get homesick. I haven't been homesick since my first week out. I just hope I didn't make you miss me any more than you are. Sorry I made you jump calling you on Sat. I think I heard you hit the roof though. Everybody sounded the same except for Lauryn. It really surprised me to hear her talking and responding to me. That was really cool.

Yeah things are still going good. The ward wants to change the baptism date AGAIN. We (the missionaries) have been trying to get them baptized since February. So we're going to push harder to get them baptized on the scheduled date. But it'll all be done in God's time, and he's in charge of it all.

So you've been getting more exercise too? I've been trying to loose a little bit of weight. Eating smaller portions and exercising morning and night when I have the time. So I've been feeling the pain too.

Is it really time for that class to graduate from high school? Now I'm feeling really old, especially since you made me realize that I'm really turning 20 next month. How does that make you feel? Turning 52 this year?

But yeah, I was wondering if you could put a coulpe of things in the package. My Ipod, the black headphone jack cord, and some way to charge my Ipod. I've found out that most computers have Itunes, and I've gotten a lot of music from missionaries. I'll be able to delete the stuff I'm not supposed to have and keep the stuff I can.

There are some $5 speakers here that I can get that work just fine. There's a little device that you can charge Ipods with. On one end it plugs into the wall, and the other end you plug the white USB Ipod cord into it. It would be really cool if you could find one of those. If they're expensive don't worry about it. I'll explain them to Jake too so he can help you find them.

Thanks Mum! You're the best ever! I couldn't ask for a better Mum! Love you!

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