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Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011

Kia ora!!

     Its been a wet week here in Kiwi-country.  A really nice break from the hot, unforgiving sun through the ozone hole.  But you know Murphy's timing.  It rains to get humid, then when we decide to ride to portland again the sun comes blazing and makes it almost unbearable.  I think Murphy and Satan must be cousins, or brothers, or something.  But its still fun and I like doing it.  Speaking of rain we had to bike to church this week in the rain.  
      Helen and Ryan came to church again this week and loved it again.  Because of her condition she hasn't felt up to lessons at her house, and can't make it to her fellowships house.  But thank goodness they're both just as keen as when they walked into church!  We asked her if we could help out around her yard and she agreed, so we talked to the young men's president and got the young men on board to do a service project.  Perfect timing too, because December is their big service month.  So things are great with them.  
     We also found a keen family that was taught by Elder Spence a while ago.  Its a family of 6, 3 are baptismal age and the mum is a less active since youth.  They already agreed to have lessons every week on Thursday at least, and other days if they can.  So things are looking good for both families!
     Last Tuesday they decided to cancel district meeting for a specialized training from President Lekias.  It was really good, all about planning.  Then straight after President and the AP's all decided to do a trade off with the Whangarei Elders.  And guess who was fortunate enough to get to go with President, yep, me and Elder Kitara.  It went pretty good.  We got him to talk to somebody on the street, give a blessing to a non member, and have a walk in lesson with a new investigator.  The best part was that we didn't have to bike, but got to ride in his car.  Its pretty flash (fancy) with a back up camera and everything.  
     And then tomorrow is our Christmas conference.  I can't remember the name of our key speaker, but he's from the seventy I think, and he's been a secretary to a few prophets.  I think it starts with a W.  Anyways, I heard him once at a come and see fireside in Auckland for investigators, and it was way good!  So I'm pretty excited for tomorrow.
Elder Sorensen

 Our district minus Elder Utai

Portland Warf

 Portland countryside

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