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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, DECEMBER 5th, 2011

Kia ora!!!

     This last week was a busy week with a lot happening.  We went out to Portland a couple of times this week to so how things are out there.  Thats where our stake president lives.  President Pautu (Po-2).  Found a less active family and a former investigator, so that made the trip worth it.  Its a pretty fun bike ride, about 30 min either way, give or take.  We found out that tomorrow President Lekias is going to come up again for a specialized training tomorrow for District meeting, so I'm looking forward for that.  And we also had the big Christmas in the Valley concert on the field right behind our flat.  So we went and talked to heaps of people.  Saw some less actives, investigators, members, drunks, smokers, we saw the police chase somebody who I think was smoking weed or something, and Santa came in a big fire engine and totally ruined this lady's song.  I thought it was hilarious, especially because she tried to play along singing an improv song.  Crack up haha!  
     So that was all pretty fun.  But to even out all the fun I've been having some stress with my companion not respecting me or my seniority.  I'm not trying to be the senior companion who is bossy and what I say goes, but my patience is getting very thin when I say lets go this way, because I feel good about it, but he goes that way because he wants to.  But enough about that.  Sadly Helen had a "relapse" with one of her conditions this past week, so they didn't make it to church.  But we found out where she lives and went by to visit.  She's still just as keen!  She has a couple of pen pals in Utah I think and they're both members (which she doesn't believe is a coincidence) and she started asking them about baptism.  We didn't have time to teach about it on the first lesson, but the way she said that they referred her question back to us and the way she talked about it sounded like she wanted to!  She did say she was very scared of the water, but that she wanted to talk about it.  Pretty cool huh!  Then we also found a former investigator who was so close to baptism and then some things happened, but he still has a testimony and still wants to get baptized.  So that makes me pretty happy.  
     Christmas is coming up pretty fast.  I'm looking forward to it!  Lots of kai (food), parties, and a call home!!  Love you all and praying for you all.  I appreciate your prayers for me!!

Elder Sorensen

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