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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, Nov. 28th, 2011

Kia ora!!

     This week was a good week.  Only one day with a bit of rain, and the rest as sunny and hot as last year was.  The sun here is so intense!  You can feel a noticable difference between shade and sun, like if you're in the shade and something moves and you're then in the sun, its so hot.  I have a feeling its going to get worse too.  I'm a bit short on time today so I thought I'd share the biggest experience of the week.  
     We had an experience that really softened my heart this week, a true miracle.  I had been praying to get some people to church on Sunday.  On Saturday night the prospects were still zero.  So when Elder Tucker, our district leader, made his daily calls I asked him to pray for us as well.  Today as I looked at my email from my mum, I noticed that she said she's been praying for us to have success and investigators to church.  So we went to sacrament meeting, and sadly there was no investigators.  But after sacrament meeting ended Sister Popham came up to us and told us there was a lady there to investigate our church, and that we should go talk to her.  We introduced ourselves and asked her what brought her to our church.  She said that she has only been a Christian for about a year, loves the Lord, and feels His love and really enjoys it.  But she was getting frustrated with  other churches that she's been going to having the attitude of "do what I say, not what I do," and that she was asked a number of times to stop asking questions.  We explained that what our purpose as missionaries is full time teachers and that we'd love to sit down and answer her questions and teach about what we believe.  She was grateful and accepted the invitation.  So during Sunday school we taught her the restoration of the gospel, and she was so happy about it.  In fact during one point in the discussion she said to her 12 year old son, "I think we're going to feel at home here."  Her name is Helen and her son's name is Ryan.  Apparently he's quite the committed christian as well.  His mum said that he gets in fights at school for standing up for what he believes in, and he's not afraid to ask questions.  Sadly the next available time to meet with her is going to be next Sunday, but they'll definitely be there.  A true undiluted miracle!  God has not ceased to work miracles!
     I love you all and appreciate all you do for me and your prayers, they truly work!  Sometimes you just need to keep waiting and praying.  
Elder Sorensen

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