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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Kia ora!!
     Its Halloween here in Kiwi country and it doesn't even feel like it.  Last year when I was in Hamilton there were heaps on pakeha's and so it was still advertized a bit.  But here in Whangarei its not big at all.  I found out that Maori's don't believe in Halloween, and thats the majority of people here.  So its weird being Halloween and there's no decorations or any talk about it anywhere.  But anyways. 
     Things are starting to improve here in Whangarei.  We have 2 set right now, Norina and Ngahuia, and they're a bit shakey because they've been avoiding us this past week.  Ngahuia  is just a bit scared because she doesn't know what baptism is about, and we haven't seen her sister for a week now, and haven't had a lesson in just longer than that.
     But we have some other investigators who are starting to progress now.  We didn't think Tasia and Shayla would be able to come to church because their mum was busy, but the four of them showed up right as church started.  There's a recent convert family, the Rogers, and they're doing well too.  We have two families we're planning on setting this week too.  Each has about 3 in the family who haven't been baptized yet.  They've accepted the baptismal commitment, but we just needed to pray about a date to help them progress toward.  This last week we also contacted an investigator who we haven't seen for about 4/5 weeks, and we found out she's been going to the other ward every week!  She has lukemia and doesn't have the physical strength to make it to our ward.  We're talking to the AP's about it, but she said her decision to come to church was the best decision she's made in a while.  And she's read the whole Book of Mormon!
     I'm hoping and praying that these families get baptized.  They're great.  So things should start moving faster here.  Love you all, you're in my prayers!!
Elder Sorensen
P.S. enjoy the pictures
 Me and Elder Kitara on a bush walk

 NZ Koru tree

 Raumanga Waterfall

 Kevin pose

 Nice Waterfall

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