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Monday, November 7, 2011

7th November 2011

Kia ora kotau katoa!

     I can't believe its November already!  Time is moving so fast.  And transfers are a week from Thursday.  I can't believe it.  I'm not sure I can thoroughly enjoy my time here if it keeps accelerating like this.  Not that I'm not enjoying it, but it all seems to be slipping by.  But anyways, its been a mix of weather here in Kiwi-country last week.  I was pretty lucky though.  We had two trade-offs this week.  One with the district leader and one with the zone leaders.  I was lucky because I went to their areas and that meant being in a car!  So I didn't have to bike in the rain or anything, which I'm grateful for.  But sadly today for p-day its spitting (sprinkling).  So I'm not sure what we're going to do.
     But last Thursday I got to go on trade offs with Elder Tucker.  That meant I went to his area out in Dargaville, about an hour to the west.  And not only that, but we got to go to Bayley's beach (or whatever the name was) to have a lesson.  And they had a MEAN view of the beach.  A bit of a storm was on the way so during the lesson when I'd look out it would be sunny, but the waves were breaking hard out.  It was awesome!  We ran out of time and so we couldn't go get pictures but I did get a couple throughout the day (which I still have to copy off of him).  Do you remember those portable DVD players that we all got in August?  Whats cool is they copy from SD to USB and from cd to either.  So if someone else has a cool picture its really quick to copy it.  Pretty fun.  But anyways.
     We've been struggling a bit this week with our investigators.  None of them are really progressing and none of them are coming to church.  This week we're going to focus on getting our investigators to sacrament meeting.  For those investigators who constantly decline to sacrament, it shows that they're not willing to keep commitments or covenants, and that we should find new and other people who are.  I really think this focus will clean out the pipeline and keep it moving.
     Last week we had our first MCM since I've been in the area with a member of the bishopric.  The ward mission leader thinks he's been released and also has a stake calling, but hasn't officially been released.  So I'm happy Bro. Holtz of the bishopric is stepping up and taking them.  We also attended ward conference yesterday.  Just as the church handbook says, they were focused on people.  The whole meeting was about people of concern in each of the auxilaries of the church.  It was great.  Very fast moving and lots of good counseling.  We're bringing missionary work into it better as well.  So I'm excited to see things start picking up and moving here.
     I'm happy healthy and living the missionary life here in Kiwi-country, Aotearoa, and I love it.  Thank you all for all your prayers in my behalf.  

Elder Sorensen

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