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Monday, November 14, 2011

Kiwi mail 14/11/2011

Kia ora kotau katoa! (hello everyone)

     I can't believe yet another week has gone by.  Even with all the work and sweat and challenges time is still moving so fast.  Its getting a lot more humid up here in Whangarei because its been raining in the night and morning, and then sunny during the day.  Sure makes it hot and sticky sometimes.  But thats why I'm glad that they make spray deoderant (thanks for the idea Jake).  Its a miracle in a can.  I swear the hills change sizes depending on the temperature too. 
     Its been another trying week with investigators.  None area really progressing, and none came to church.  I've been thinking about something one of my past ward mission leaders said to me.  "Consistency is the key.  Once people get into the routine it will be a success."  That was in relation to a weekly trade off with the missionaries and for any ward member who wanted to do some visiting.  It started off a bit rocky at first, but he was right and consistency was the key, and it was a success.  
     I think I'm going to keep this in mind for the rest of my mission, and apply it to getting investigators to sacrament.  For some reason it has never been a huge push for any of my companions in the past, but I'm going to put a much bigger emphasis on it from now on.  
     I've also had a few thoughts on some statements President Kimball made about repentance.  He said trying isn't enough.  If we really could have done something, even if it was hard, and we didn't, we need to repent.  Its hard to explain the encouragement I got from it without writing everything I wrote in my study journal, but I have a new drive in mind that if I can remember and keep it in mind, it will give me the motivation and strength to push to my limits and to see miracles as God takes me farther.  
     Elder Kitara is doing better.  He's working harder now that I'm putting more responsibilities on him.  I'm not sure if he's noticed it consciously, but the result I've seen is that he is working harder.  We've had a couple instances of being separated while biking this week, and luckily we met back at the flat and nothing happened.  He doesn't seem to think its a big deal at all, but I'm trying to teach him that this is one of the bigger rules never to break.  We're still working, and I'm working with him.  I'm really grateful for the improvements he's making.  I just hope they stick with him.  Trials and experience are seldom easy, but I'm becoming more grateful for them (which is part of the new mindset I have).
     I still love New Zealand and all beauty, both of the scenic and personic.  I'm enjoying every minute of it.  I'm still working hard.  Thank you all for your prayers, and keep praying for me and all the missionaries.  I need all the miracle 'points' I can get.   
Elder Sorensen

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