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Monday, January 16, 2012

Kia ora Jan 16th

Kia ora koutou kotoa!

     This week was pretty nice weather.  Friday and Saturday were beautiful!  You get to see the really high puffy white clouds, nice and cool, and best of all there was a nice breeze.  Made most people really happy, which I always appreciate.  This week's been nice and sunny, and the ground is drying up so we can go play in the fields for P-day today!
     I am still enjoying my time here with Elder Clark.  He's the man.  He is so good with our investigators.  Always has good questions to get them thinking, talking, and applying the gospel in their lives. 
     H is doing pretty good this week.  We've taught him the restoration and the gospel, and he just loves it.  We followed up this week on his prayer about Joseph Smith, and he said he's received his answer!  We also found out that he smokes drinks, and sadly we found a couple of bongs on his deck which means someone in the house does drugs.  But with his answer about Joseph Smith should make it much easier to help him quit.  We went over once and his nephew was there and sat in for the lesson, took a Book of Mormon, and committed to read it.  He's pretty quiet, hard to get to talk, but he reads quite a bit and says he likes it.  We also found some good fellowship for him that we'll be bringing over for this week and the next few.  We're pretty excited about him.  Then this morning we went over and played ping-pong with him for about an hour.  
     We also have a couple of others that are getting close, but our big focus is praying for and finding people who are ready and willing to keep commitments.  Praying works, its a righteous desire, and we're going to work hard and qualify, then watch the miracles flow in.  This week is going to be good.
     We're especially excited about the mission conference on Friday.  It'll be my first time to shake an apostle's hand.  It feels the same as waiting for Christmas.  But we've got lots of work to do to prepare to get there.
     Sorry its a bit short today, but we've got other things we've been reporting on as well.  I love you all and I keep you in my prayers!!

Elder Sorensen

Hi Mum,
    I don't want to put stress on you.  But I've realized that my shoes aren't going to hold up the rest of my mission.  Could you please send me some new shoes?  As you can see from the pictures, its just the soles that are worn out.  But remember "Every soul is precious in the site of God."  I've been wearing out my sole to save souls.  Let me know what you can do, please and thank you!  Love you so much Mum!!

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