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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 17th 2011

Kia ora whanau!
     This past week felt all over the place.  Learning a new area.  A f.o.b. companion (fresh off the boat)  thats still learning obedience.  But worst of all  we didn't get to see 2 of our sets who are supposed to get baptized this weekend (the 22nd).  We saw them yesterday and found out that they're going to be gone all this week for kapahaka, maori performance group.  They're not going to be back until Sunday next week.  So that pushes them back until at least the next weekend.  But aside from all of that we still had fun this week. 
     On Monday we played touch right by our flat.  It was heaps of fun.  Then it started raining, and it got even better.  Because if you dive with the ball and you don't quit hit the try line, if you slide over it before you get touched, you still get the try.  I'm finally getting the hang of it too.  Like the skills and strategies.  But its still hard to out-step the other team when he has rugby cleats and the grass is wet as.  Still fun as though.  Then on Tuesday night we almost got into a fight.  We went to our appointment with Norina and her family, and there were a few drunk homeless guys there partying hard out.  Norina had had a couple of glasses of wine with her dinner (so thats why I think she even let them in in the first place.  But when we knocked they opened up the door and told us to f* off.  So we knocked again and asked for Norina.  She came out with her 1 yr old and started explaining what was going on, with loud as music pumping inside.  As we were talking one of the guys came out and started getting all in our face asking us what we were doing there.  Elder Kitara is a boxer for Samoa, and I could tell he was ready to knock this guy out, so I stepped in and said we'd come back tomorrow.  So we left and started walking up the street.  Then I thought of who we could go and see and realized it was the other way, past the flat we were just at.  As we passed (on the other side of the street of course) the guy came out again and started off again and we just kept walking, and he said yeah, you keep walking.  Elder Kitara was right about to cross the street, and so I grabbed his bag and told him to just keep walking and leave it. 
     So that was a pretty fun experience I had last week.  Thats what this next week looks like, except hopefully without the fight.  And mission life goes on.  I love you all and thank you for your prayers.  Until next time from Aotearoa!
Elder Sorensen
Our Flat

 I saw a pillar of light

 Port Whangarei

 Me and Elder Kitara

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