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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday, October 10th 2011

Kia ora!
     Well against my predictions I got transfered.  Surpising huh.  This is now my 6th area, 9th companion, and I've only been out for just over a year.  I can't believe its been that long already, but things just keep moving.  But yeah, I got shifted up to Whangarei (fah-ng-a-ray).  I cover the lower part of it.  I don't know any names yet, except I live on Ramaunga Heights or something like that.  My companion is Elder Kitara and this is his 3rd transfer.  He's from Samoa the same Island that Elder Fiu was from, but he says he didn't know him.  His english is understandable and surprising for only 3 week of MTC training and 3 months in the field.  But when he starts telling a story from Samoa and he gets going with his sound effects its really hard to hear what he's saying.  But he's a happy guy which will make it much more fun and easier to do the work than other companions I've had. 
     Its been a bit hard since Friday in this area.  The first part of the week Elder Kitara was working somewhere else in Whangarei, and so nothing counted for our stats.  Then Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference which took up heaps of time.  And right before I left Elder Fiu took the tube from my front tire of my bike.  So we have to walk everywhere and it takes ages.  So because of all of that our stats weren't very good at all, and I admit that.  But our new district leader didn't have much mercy.  I'm hoping thats because he's just new and that it'll wear off after a while. 
     Looking at teh hills, I'm not too excited to get on the bike and ride them.  Today we were hoping to go play some touch rugby, but it looks like it might rain.  We'll see what happens.  Other than that I haven't seen much of the area or know what its going to be like up here.  Its actually been colder here than Auckland, which is really weird.  Well, love you all, and keep praying for me, and I'll keep praying for you!
Elder Sorensen

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