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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Sept 19th


     Happy birthday to Jake!  I can't believe you're 23.  So weird.  Time is going so fast because so much is going on.  With having four people set for baptism we have to make contact with them daily plus all our other investigators and keep up with meetings and everything.  It feels a lot like spinning plates.  When one slows down you have to run and spin again, then to the other, and the other.  It makes time go fast, but its sure hard to keep track of everything.  
     This last week has been really wet and rainy.  Some days are windy too.  Its sunny for about 5 minutes, so I take my jacket off because its too hot to bike in the sun with a jacket and my suit on.  Then a big cloud comes and rains off and on for about an hour.  Then it repeats.  Makes long bike rides a real pain.  Especially when we have to go to Green Bay to visit Aubrey every day or so.  After some talking and questions and everything else, we've settled on baptizing him on Wednesday at 8pm after our temple trip.  I'm super excited to go.  It feels like its been ages since we've been.  
     Peter after much prayer and fasting has found a place to stay with a member of the Titirangi ward!!  So his baptism will go ahead at 8 am on Sunday morning.  Sorry its so short and so late, but our P-day activity took a lot of time today.  Thank you for your prayers on my behalf.  Aroha kotau!

Aroha nui!  
Elder Sorensen

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