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Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Sept 12th

Kia Ora!

     This week was pretty crazy.  We lost the car to some new Chinese Elders last Wednesday, and so we're back on bikes.  Then Elder Fiu popped his tire on Saturday morning, and we ran out of patches.  So we had to walk Saturday and Sunday.  We had an investigator named Aubrey call us up and Friday (because we hadn't seen him in two weeks) and he said that he wanted to meet with us.  We went over, and in a round about way he said that he's had a big think, and a change of heart and wants to be baptized!  He said that if we could clear up a few questions for him he would be baptized.  So after a long as lesson we asked him when he'd like to be baptized.  He said that Sunday.  It could have been possible, but the bishop said to do it next week.  But he needed to come to church one more time, and he missed this Sunday.  So we're going to have to do it on the 24th.  He's not going to be too happy about it, but thats how its going to have to be.  
     Other than loosing the car, walking for two days, setting and and resetting Aubrey, and giving talks and a lesson in each ward on Sunday, not too much has happened.  Oh yeah, the world cup started last Friday!  We could barely see the fireworks from where we were, but it was still pretty cool that the world cup was within sight.  I'm so close and I can't go or watch it!  Gutted bro!  Sorry, I'm a bit short on time today or I'd write some more.  Could someone at home check and see if the cup is being recorded, because I set it up to record.  Thanks for everyone's support.  I really appreciate it!

Aroha kotau!
Elder Sorensen

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