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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday, September 4th

Malo se fua! (Samoan hello)
     Wow, another week has gone by.  Not too much is happening here.  I'm still getting used to the city again.  As they say here, its much more busier.  I'm trying to learn all the street names.  I didn't realize how nice the block system is.  You can actually figure out where things are.  But here, if you don't know the street names, you're out of luck.  Its nice that my companion knows it pretty well. 
     I'm not sure if I've mentioned about Alana, but she's 18.  She's given up smoking and drinking tea and coffee.  Well, she's doing pretty well.  She's been good for a week.  She didn't make it to church, but she still qualifies for her baptism on Sept 24th.  And then we have Peter who's 51 and never been married.  I feel bad for this guy.  He's just been flatting around NZ for about a year.  He's from Brittan.  Got diagnosed with asthma two years ago, and diabetes on Friday I think it was.  And he just got told he has to be out of his flat in two weeks.  The last one is a mixed blessing because he technically lives outside of the stake, and so now he's looking at flats that are in the ward.  But last lesson he said he's not nervous about his baptism.  So he's moving along pretty well.  Then the only other real investigator we have is Tanaea (Tanaya).  She's turning 21 next month.  She said she was really close to God last year.  Then something happened and she wants to get close to Him again.  She's really smart (for a change haha).  So things are looking good for her. 
     Last week I also got to go on a trade off with the district leader Elder Walk, who happens to be in the chinese programme, and the only missionaries allowed in downtown Auckland.  It was so much fun.  I got to go down queen st and see sky tower.  We also had a lesson completely in chinese, where I just sat there and looked important.  I found out afterwards that they commited him to be baptized and he accepted.  I could only tell that they were talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Anyways, it was really fun, and I like Elder Walk, he's really down to earth, but has lots of faith and a really strong testimony. 
     I'm still loving my time here in New Zealand.  Gearing up for the Rugby World Cup opening on Friday.  I wish we could go.  Oh well.  Love you all!
Aroha nui! 
Elder Sorensen
 Michelle (Frederick was asleep)
 Green Bay Beach
 Me at Green Bay Beach

 Downtown Auckland
 My area at night time

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