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Monday, February 27, 2012

Kia ora Feb 27th

Kia ora kotau kotoa!

          This week was a hard, frustrating week for me.  There seemed to be a lot more persecution and harsh rejection.  Elder Walker, my Zone Leader has talked to me and given me some things to reflect on.  Thinking about in preach my gospel under my purpose and a successful missionary, and I'm going to create some goals myself, to see what I can do better at.  
     Our pipeline is really dry, (very few investigators) but we sat down during weekly planning and came up with as many names as we could to visit.  Potentials, referrals, formers, members, less-actives, part members, etc.  I'm hoping that will give us more productive things to do and preaching by the way between, rather than just tracting.  I just hope that between my own goals and doing more productive things will help the work progress.  Our most progressing investigator is Matauraura (she goes by Robyn).  She's so close.  She just needs to quit smoking and get married, and then she's ready.  She has a testimony and a desire to be baptized, but she looks at these problems as too big.  She's too busy and so we haven't had time to teach her much or uplift her.  But finally we sat down for about 20 minutes Last night before we had to turn in for the night, but that wasn't enough time to resolve any concerns.  
     The sisters are doing great.  They've got 5 people set!  And they all sound pretty solid.  Their goal is 4 for the month, but we're going to talk and see if we can re-evaluate, especially because in order to reach the zone goal, each companionship needs to baptize 6 people.  From what I can tell, Sister Funaki and Sister Vailea are both happy and working.  
     The thing I need to work on with Elder Fox is having him not wait for me to do something for him to work.  I just need to come up with some actionable items for him to work on for this week.  Other than that, he did a great job during one lesson in particular.  An investigator named Jesse was struggling accepting Joseph Smith, and without turning the lesson to him, Elder Fox jumped in with his experience coming to know that the church is true.  It was amazing to see.  I just need to get him to do it on his own volition now.  

as american as it gets (still not the same)

finally someone who understands
Elder Sorensen

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