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Monday, March 5, 2012

kia ora march 5th

     We had a low week again this week.  Mostly Preach by the Way.  I realize especially by President's training that that is one of the 3 pillars holding up our investigators, along with obedience with exactness and becoming a preach my gospel missionary.  I really want to repent this week and change for good.  But I realize what its going to take is both of us in our companionship.  We've subdivided the goal of talking to 300 people on the street and found that we each need to talk to 25 people a day this whole week.  Thats the biggest goal I've ever even thought about.  Its going to take all my faith and effort to reach it.  
     We finally were able to sit down with Robyn and her partner Tone this week.  It started off really ruff.  She texted before the lesson wanting to cancel because they were fighting again.  I had the thought that only the gospel will help them through it, so I asked if we could still come.  When we got there they were still arguing.  It was hard to get a lesson going, but after a lot of talking they were both able to calm down.  And eventually Tone said that he wanted to change.  So we told them that prayer, scriptures and church attendance would help them get into a routine, which would help them change the most.  They agreed.  So we're making big progress with them now.  
     Our other progressing investigator which we're hoping to baptize this week is a 13 year old named Fa'apoi whose record was lost.  They're not having much luck recreating his record, but they're going to have one more try with a certificate or the old bishop.  If not he'll be re-baptized.  
     We also have an investigator named Pange.  He lives in our ward, but he's been attending the other stake with a friend.  But we found out that one of our recent converts is a relative and she finally got him to come to our ward, and the best part is that he's going to keep coming.  He's pretty much ready for baptism, and we would have set him last week, but he had to cancel the appointment.  This week will be good though.  
     The sisters are doing really good this week.  They have the family of 3 set to be baptized this Friday!  They've resolved all the families concerns, from what I can understand, and they're scheduled to be interviewed on Thursday.  And they've got 2 more that were set, but lost their baptismal date because of family concerns.  They're planning on re-setting them this week.  I was really happy to see their numbers steady or increasing. 
     Our goals for the district this week are:
     Sacrament - get every investigator fellowship and have them invite the investigator to church.
     Member Present - Have a member at every lesson possible
     Preach by the Way - Reach 300 each.

Elder Sorensen

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