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Monday, February 20, 2012

Malo Lele Feb 20th

Kia ora whanau!

     This past week was an improvement, but still a bit low for what we want here in this area.  I feel we're doing well on teaching, and alright on finding.  But we need to do heaps more member work.  In fact I've just had the thought for that to be our major focus for next week.  Elder Losalu our Zone Leader committed us to work with the members more this week, for friend shares and asking for more referrals.  And then for companion study this morning we had an idea to look through the white handbook to look for all the things we're supposed to help members to do.  Then we had the idea to go through Preach My Gospel to find more.  Then we're going to look for things we can do to improve.   Then he also committed us to talk to 250 people this week.  
     We do have one investigator set for this weekend which we're pretty excited about, but she has 2 concerns to overcome.  She has to finish off the smoking, and getting married.  She's going to talk to her partner today about it.  Other than that she has no concerns and she's solid.  
     Elder Fox is doing pretty good this week.  When I ask him he'll take the lead to where we're going and doesn't complain about it.  So what I'm going to work on next with him is making sure he knows to step up even if I don't.  That way it will be more even and the work will push forward even faster.  
     We're also trying a couple of ideas with the district so that we can live the mission vision better.  We're using the stats as links in a bike chain, and we need to use them all to go.  And then we need to deserve our pillow.  Every night we ask ourselves, "do we deserve our pillow?"  (have we done all we could).  If not then we evaluate and fix it for the next day.  It looks like things are moving up, now we just need to do more, and faster.
     This week on Friday we also have a zone conference.  Those are always good.  For those that served missions, is it normal for zone conferences to be for 2 or 3 zones?  I'm pretty excited for it.  

Elder Sorensen

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