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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Kia  koutou kotoa,

     So last week was transfers, and guess what, I got transfered.  But before I found out about transfers, I got a call on Tuesday night.  And can you guess who was on the other side?  None other than President Lekias.  He called me to be a district leader here in Tamaki.  So I packed up and shifted to south Auckland again.  I sure feel overwhelmed by this calling, but I'm trying to do my best for sure.  The numbers for this week were very disapointing.  But considering that Before I came into the area the only work that they had done was 1 LARC, I feel like we did alright.  I know we have a lot of work to do for this area, but its worked before and so I know it can pump again.  
     My plans are to record everything.  Who is good for fellowship, teaching records for everybody, who can cut hair (just kidding, kind of), but things like that.  Getting a formal list of felloship names, schedule, and phone number.  Inviting members to open their homes to cottage evenings.  And I want to write it down so that all that information doesn't get lost over transfers.  
     Elder Fox said that sadly he's seen the area spiral downward to where it was when I came in.  When I came in, there was 2 appointments for Saturday (which both dropped us), 1 LARC for the week, and the only person anywhere close to baptism was a lost record that they're trying to recreate rather than baptizing again, which is fine.  But I do feel disappointed with the Elder that I replaced.  But this is the perfect time to apply the principles I learned in Whangarei and hit this area hard.  
     Elder Fox it a great companion.  In fact, he reminds me of myself when I first came in, and has some of the same fears, and whatnot.  So I know some things that helped me, and that will help him too.  He said I've already been helping him heaps, because I explain how to do things, show him an example and then let him try it.  He's already gotten a lot better than last Thursday.  We're doing things like we each have to find 5 houses to knock and have someone home to talk to, aside from people on the street, in the next half hour to an hour.  It shows him that I want him to be an equal companion not just a junior who follows me around and chimes in every once in a while.  I'm having him lead some lessons too.  So its been really good to see him grow already.  
     I was talking to the Zone Leaders last night for weekly call-ins and they committed us to hit our PBTW goal, and to invite most of them for baptism even on the street.  I think that this will help us really put our minds onto setting people for baptism, having that as their goal, and then really working on commitments and resolving concerns.  I guess really learning how to do everything effectively and without forgetting or dropping the ball on anything.  We've got a lot of work to do in this district, but I just hope and pray that I can be a good District leader to lift, encourage, inspire, and bless this district to make stretching goals and hit them.  
     Sister Funaki and Sister Vailea are the other missionaries in my district.  They're great sister missionaries.  They've done very well last transfer and last month, but it seems like they're slacking this month.  I hope the trainings for this month will help them and usto turn it around and move forward.  I'm always asking the Zone Leader for ideas and counsel, and they're helping a lot.  I still need one of those District Leader packets though.  I've told Elder Walker and Elder Losalu about it.  Thats about all I have time for.
     Elder Sorensen

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