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Monday, March 26, 2012

Success!! 26/3/2012

Kia Ora koutau,

     So the results from transfers is......................I stayed.  And Elder Fox got shifted down to Hamilton, Glenview stake.  Remember Dinsdale was my first area?  Well that was in Glenview Stake (I think) so I gave him a list of people to say hi to if he covers Dinsdale.  My new companion is Elder Lee.  He was born in Provo, but when he was about 3 or something they moved to Virginia.  He's a bit taller than me, blond hair, blue eyes, and a stick like Jake ;-).  He's pretty funny, can quote heaps of movies and we get along like a Tongan in a Taro patch (Afu would get that).   So we're set for this transfer.  My guesses is that I'll stay for this transfer, probably the next transfer, and then shift to a new area for my last 2.
     This week was so busy running around trying to get everything sussed for the baptisms.  But they went through and Makenna and Desirae loved it!!  We talked to them after the confermation and they said that they felt "lighter," and their grandfather said he's never seen them this happy before.  So it was a very rewarding baptism!  They are set to come to church and stay active too!  We're now hoping and working that this will be the thing that will help their parents come back to church.  The mum has a goal to get her patriarchal blessing  
     Sad that Elder Fox got transferred, we were making some real progress.   But I'm really happy that I have a companion like Elder Lee.  He is such a hard worker and we got working the moment we got back.  He's not scared to talk to people!  Its such a relief.  He's a great teacher, loves to talk to people and has no worries when I give him assignments to organize something.  This is going to be another great transfer, and full of miracles.  We're going to just work hard and smart and see a lot of success.  We're pretty excited!
     Sister Funaki and Sister Vailea are doing a great job.  They're really focusing on working with the ward more.  In fact, thats our focus for this week, and I really want to carry it through the transfer.  Our actionable item for this week is to get solid fellowship for our sets and progressing investigators by 1st April, and report them.  At the end of the week the Sisters went on trade offs with the ward and had some good success, and they're also receiving a lot more referrals from the ward.  We're looking at a few good referrals as well.  We know we just need to stay humble and do what we're supposed to do and we'll see the success come.  

"And I saw the heavens open"

 S. Funaki, S. Vailea, Tiare (member fellowship)

E. Lee, Richie, Maaraanau Teao, Desirae, Makenna, Richard Teao, Me

Elder Sorensen

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