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Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2nd!

This week was an average week I'd say.  We were able to maintain almost everything, which felt good, but I know we need to improve.  I think the best part of the week was that 6 of our investigators made it to church!  I think thats the first time that I've been able to reach the standard of excellence since its come out.  I've reached five a couple of times, but it felt amazing to be able to hit six!  That was the real highlight of our week.  
     We had bit of a concern with Ma'a one of our sets.  We heard from one of our members that she thought that we were only there to teach and baptize her children and not her.  So yesterday we were able to go by and made sure that she knew we were there to help prepare her for baptism as well.  Our other set is Pangeariki.  He's doing well.  Understands everything that he needs to, to be baptized.  He used to drink heaps of coffee, but since we taught him he's given that up.  The only thing left thats holding him up is the law of chastity.  He knows the options of getting married and moving out.  He wants to get married, but his partner wants him to resolve his anger issues first.  So we need to talk with her and then have Pange and Judy decide what they're going to do.  But his desire to be baptized is through the roof.  The sisters talked to him on the street and he told them he was already a member.  So we're doing our best.
     The sisters did an amazing job pulling together a baptism for this weekend.  I think they said that you went to it.  Its amazing to watch how quickly and powerfully the sisters can work.  We need all the effort we can muster to reach our goal for this month.  Our district goal for this month is 10.  So we've accomplished 2, and have 4 set.  We need to make sure we don't let anybody fall through.  
     Guess what else I got to try this week.  Dog!  I actually ate it.  No april fools either.  Just look at the picture.  Sister Funaki was jealous when we showed her the picture and when we told her we still have some in the fridge she said she wants to try it.  

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