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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 9th

Kia ora whanau!!

     General Conference last week was amazing wasn't it.  I think it was one of the best ones of my lifetime.  I got so many insights and things that I can work on.  I also found a lot of comfort in it as well.  
     I'm grateful for the work and the progress our investigators have made this week, but we didn't anticipate well enough for general conference and being able to still hit our goals.  I know I should have been more on top of it, but I've just felt so overwhelmed trying to do everything.  To be honest I'm getting pretty stressed out.  I feel like when we do the most work, the most 'real' progress with our investigators, and things are just going good, then numbers don't show it well, and so we get so many commitments that I cant keep track of them all and I get overwhelmed and am ready to break.  But when we do average work and some things just fall into place and make the numbers look good, then we get praised. 
     Pange is having some stress.  We taught him the word of wisdom, and he quite coffee and tea right away.  But when we taught him the word of wisdom and he went home and told his partner the two options she was pretty angry.  The soonest we can meet with them is Tuesday.  I don't know what I'm going to say, but we're going to meet with both of them and hopefully sus it all out.  Its getting a bit late too with his baptism on friday and all.  Ma'a and the twins are doing well though.  The twins are excited and ready for baptism on the 21st.  And we heard some great things from Ma'a.  Sadly on Saturday the fellowship (even from the stake YM presidency) decided to take Ma'a and the kids to the beach instead of conference.  The beach was low tide, so they just took the kids to the park.  When Ma'a told us about it she said "It was so boring sleeping in the car.  I should have come to conference instead."  When she finally came to the Sunday afternoon session she was so gutted that she missed the first 3.  So things are looking good for them.  
  Sister Funaki and Sister Vailea are doing well.  They know what its going to take to reach their goal for this month.  I just need to keep thinking of things to help motivate and encourage them.  

A flea that was trying to eat me, but I threw him in some hot water which did the trick.

Fijoa's taste so good!  I wish we had them in America.  You're really missing out. 

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