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Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16th

Kia ora koutou!

     This last week was one of the hardest, but also most rewarding of my mission so far.  Pange got baptized!!!  But it was the most stressful because nobody would help organize his baptism.  But he got baptized, and he even received the priesthood on sunday!  
     As you can see, through the blessings of Heavenly Father, we are succeeding!  As I think over the course of my time here in this area, I've seen God's hand in this area.  We've been able to save 3 in the last 3 weeks, and we have 4 set for this coming weekend.  Maa, Cheyeanne, Alisha, and now Bodie (a 10 year old boy who bore his testimony on fast sunday that he's not a member, but loves coming to church).  Sometimes its so hard to see God's hand while I'm going through trials and tests of my patience and faith, but the blessings that are coming out are great!  I finally understand how justice, mercy and Grace fit together.  
     I've known that the gospel requires perfection at the end, and to strive for it in this life.  I knew that mercy let me try again and again.  But I've been so tired of trying and feeling like I'm failing because "I could have done better."  But I read a talk that put my thoughts into words.  I knew that grace comes "after all we can do".  But I kept thinking "I can't even do my best all the time."  I can't sprint a whole race, and I feel like I'm expected to here in the mission.  I don't know, maybe I am.  But the talk explained that we are rewarded, and gives us strength as we 'progress'.  Then mercy comes in when we repent and are willing to try again.  
     The Sisters had a hard week with their set Viliami being admitted to the hospital over the weekend he was supposed to be baptized.  But they've told me that he's willing to be re-set for this Friday!  We're going to have miracles this weekend.

Elder Sorensen

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