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Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23rd

Kia ora koutou!

     This week felt so good!  Such a success.  The Pekepo family were all baptized and confirmed!  It was so good!  A bit more prepared so not as much running around.  It was such a spiritual baptism!  There was a bit of mis-communication, and so there ended up being 5 musical items, but it was timed good and didn't go too long.  I played the piano for the hymns (Sister Davidson in Whangarei gave me a simplified hymn book that I can play)  and then I also sang in one of the musical items with a group.  And the best part was that Alisha asked me to baptize her. Cheyeanne had Elder Lee baptize her, and when he did, he put her too far down and hit her head on the bottom of the font.  But don't worry she's fine.   
     When we first met Maa, she said that we were the first missionaries she let in her house.  She's been on a course for about 4 years or something, and so she's been too busy.  But I know it was God that convinced her to let us in this time, and now look what has happened.  Their family is on the way to eternal life.  
     And we finally did it.  We reached 200 PBTW for the week (street contacts).  We finally just had to stop judging in our minds who to talk to and who not to.  It made all the difference.  So as we apply that for this week, we're hoping to reach more.  Our other focus for this week is on reaching the standard for new investigators.  Elder Walker invited us to look over what made some potentials become new and others not.  So we'll be looking at that and seeing what we can do to change.
     We have a few potentials that we're looking forward to working with this week.  Including  a part member family that we're going to have dinner with on Tuesday.  Pretty excited!  

Elder Sorensen

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