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Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30th

Kia ora koutou!    

     This week was a good week.  We did a lot of work with our recent converts to make sure they're still excited about church and not just baptism.  With the help of our ward mission leader we're going to organize a trip to the temple for recent converts and maybe investigators.  One family is doing a really good job fellowshipping Pange.  They invite him over for family home evenings and also helping him with reading lessons.  Maa and her kids are doing well.  They're even hosting a cottage evening at their house this week on friday.  Pretty cool for only being baptized for a week.
     We're also looking forward working more with a couple of part memeber families this week.  There's Nathan Tufuga, and Tala Tuala.  Nathan has been taught in the past but when the missionaries shifted they lost him or he moved or something.  But we've picked him up again.  He told us in our last lesson that he believes its true, as in that Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  He just has a fear of baptism.  A fear of messing up.  So we're excited to teach him the gospel for our lesson tonight, and help him see that we're not going to be perfect, and the Savior asks us to repent when we do mess up.  
     Tala is really keen.  He's been to church a few times when his son invites him.  We had dinner and a lesson with him last tuesday which went really well.  He started asking good questions like "why do people in your church always say 'I know the church is true'?"  and he also made a statement about people misunderstanding things.  That you can't go and ask anybody else, but the people who share it.  Then he said that would really like to understand our church.  We're excited to meet with him on Tuesday.  His only concern is that he works a lot.  If overtime is available he takes it.  But he's keen.

Elder Sorensen

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