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Monday, May 7, 2012

April (May) 7th, 2012

Kia ora whanau!

     This was a pretty busy week.  With transfers and everything.  Found out that both Elder Lee and I are staying here in Otara.  This week was also a bit of a hard week.  As hard as we tried to make lessons solid, heaps of them were falling through this week.  But next week we've been able to set up heaps of lessons.  We already have like 7 set up.  Elder Read also mentioned something that I've never noticed before.  He said "you can talk to 200 people, and teach 100 not interested people, but sacrament and with a date are the people who are keeping commitments and repenting."  Putting it that was made me see these key indicators in a new perspective.  I see how important getting investigators to sacrament is.  Not just to qualify investigators for their 3 times for church, but its their 'fruits of repentance'.  I guess I knew that a bit before, but it was pretty shallow.  
     So this week we have a focus on a part of the white handbook.  The part that says, "coordinate your visits with members with the ward mission leader."  We feel that our ward mission leader needs to do a lot more to get involved and coordinate with the ward more.  So we're going to have him organize our friend shares this week.  
     We've also been given a commitment from the Zone Leaders to have us set 2 people for May by this Tuesday night.   Its going to be a huge stretch but we're going to reach for it.  
     A couple of fun things this last week.  We were rushing to a home to help the tongan sisters (now Sister Vailea and Sister Lakai) to let them use my cell phone to call and sus out one of their sets for baptism.  On our way Elder Lee was going a bit faster than me, and we were passing a house with a tall fence.  A car pulled out about 3 feet in front of Elder Lee.  I was looking down, and when I looked up I heard a bang and saw Elder Lee face plant the side of the car.  Luckily neither the car or the bike was damage, or Elder Lee.  So we were laughing hard out about it.  Especially when we met with the sisters and told them what happened.  And when I acted it out, the couldn't stop laughing!  The member they were with was about to fall on the ground laughing.  We also had probably the tastiest dinner I've had on my mission yet.  They had a big chicken, stuffed with corned beef, spinach, and cream cheese.  On the side was baked/seasoned potatoes and kumara (koo-ma-ra) (tongan-kumala), and the most succulent Ham I've ever tasted!  
     Elder Lee and I have decided that the hill Cumorah should be pronounced Koo-ma-ra, like the sweet potato.
I forgot to tell you.  The weather here changed in the blink of an eye.  the end of the last week I was still wearing short sleeves during the day and the suit coat at night.  In the last week I'm now wearing my scarf, sweater and gloves.  Gets pretty cold at nights.

Elder Sorensen

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