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Monday, July 23, 2012

23rd July 2012

This week was good. We've been working on clearing our pipeline and finding new people. President Porter called it using the back-burner, meaning not visiting people very often who are still interested in us coming by, but aren't progressing very fast, and then to spend more time finding those who are ready to progress. So we picked up a couple of old investigators this week. We've also picked up a couple of non-active members who, to me, talk as if they're not members.
      We picked up one old investigator named Brandon. After being dropped he quit drugs and smoking/drinking, and split up with his partner. So that will make things so much easier to work towards baptism, especially since he was doing those things at 16 years old. He said that he'd prepare to be baptized on the 18th of August. The major foreseeable concern is that he says that God has given a vision to build his church (Assembly of God). So he doesn't fully understand about priesthood authority. But he'll get there. We're working to start teaching his family too.
      We also picked up Brandon's friend named Rico, also 16. He's pretty keen but he has some major obstacles to overcome before baptism. His biggest concern is that he has a partner thats pregnant in her 3rd trimester, and is a strong smoker. He said he wants to prepare to be baptized, but he wants to work through those problems first. 
      We're excited that Emma gets back from Rotorua this week from her b-day holiday. We talked to her once while she was down there, with permission of course :), and we know that she's ready for marriage, and also her partner. Its just trying to convince the family that the sooner they get married the sooner they can start/continue living God's plan for families. 
      We've got some good people to work with here in Manurewa, and we're working to find more.
     So we got news about transfers early.  Last Wednesday we got a call from President Lekias.  And found out that Elder Fulthorp is training in this area.  And the new training programme goes for 2 transfers.  So by the end of this he'll have been in his 1st area for 5 transfers/7 1/2 months.  Compared to me being there for 1.  So I'll be headed to my new area and new companion on Thursday, but I won't know who or where until Wednesday hopefully.  So for me that will make 9 areas and 14 companions.  Crazy eh?  

Elder Sorensen

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