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Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th

   This week was a good week. A bit different with interviews with president thrown into the mix, but it was great. President remewed my temple recommend. I appreciated it especially because it expired at the end of June. We also had a huge miracle. The zone leaders in Tamaki are referring one of their investigators to be baptized this Saturday to us. His name is Donny. 
      The last few weeks have been a bit more difficult because our ward mission leader was on holiday in America. But he got back on Friday, yay! We're putting together a plan to coordinate the wards efforts in missionary work with our friend share programme. So we're hoping things will improve with the ward as a whole. 
      On Thursday we got a call from Elder Walker. He asked if we'd been praying for a miracle, we said yes, then he told us that Donny, one of his investigators, needs to be baptized in our ward. He has a girlfriend in Tamaki who was his fellowship, but he lives down here. We're pretty happy about that.
      Sadly our 2 most progressing investigators have some concerns. Aukuso, who was supposed to be baptized last Saturday, told us on Friday that he's not ready. We didn't have time to discuss it well enough. But we think that he's not willing to make the step without his mum approving. The way he explains it, is that she's happy for him to go to church, but she's 50/50 about him being baptized. He talked to her about it on Thursday and nothing's changed. We're going to commit him to be bold and tell his mum that he feels good about it and that he wants to be baptized. or something to that effect. 
     Then Emma, we found out, went down to Rotorua to be with her family for her 20th b-day. We committed her to talk to her family about the marriage, so hopefully she remembers. She said she should be back by this Sunday. 
     A bit of bad news.  Someone broke into our flat on Friday night while we were away.  We came back at 9:30 ish and everything was on the floor scattered around.  luckily not much was taken of mine.  Just my ipod, speakers, memory stick with music, and 4gb camera card full of pics () and camera cord/case.  I had a funny prompting to start carrying my camera in my pocket the last couple days so I still have that.  But I really miss the pictures!  Luckily they also left the gifts that I'm bringing home too.  I'm still safe (don't worry mum), and I'm happy that my treasure is in heaven and not in little things like ipods and such.  
     P.S. Transfers is a week from Thursday.

Elder Sorensen

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