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Sunday, July 15, 2012

From the President

Dear Elder and Sisters, July is our month (We do not want to be grasshoppers!!)

July is promising to be a very good month IF we continue to do our part.  We are so very close in reaching our monthly goal of 167...BUT, there is much for us to do.

As of last night our accountability is:  68 accomplished with a further 143 set...which is projected at 211.  This is fantastic Elders and Sisters, however we all know that we have been at this level before.  WE NEED TO HOLD OUR SETS WITH ALL OUR MIGHT, MIND AND STRENGTH!

The QUESTION is:   What are we prepared to do to see that we HOLD onto the sets we have remaining for JULY?

Our prayer is that your ANSWER will be:

·         A focus on item 2, page 147---set goals and make plans for investigators to be baptized;
·         Prayer and Exact Obedience so Heavenly Father can bless us;
·         Ask the zone leaders for help if you are having trouble holding onto your sets;
·         Use the members as much as possible;
·         Make sure the Ward Leaders are aware of the Baptism; and finally
·         Plan the baptism so well that new investigators will be found as a result (at the baptismal service for example).

With all this in mind for July, we need to continue the focus on Finding and Teaching so we get a great start in August. the NZAM we no longer get "Transfer Trunky" not get DISTRACTED with thoughts of...I wonder if I am moving, where will I go, who will be my does not matter.  The Lord has it all in hand..He will watch over you.

We love and appreciate all you continue to do.  Have a fantastic week...and Remember....You can DO IT, you are a Disciple of Christ!!


President and Sister Lekias

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