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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kia ora 2 more weeks!

Kia ora whanau!!

     This last week was great. I really liked the zone conference. We took away that we need to fill in our days better in weekly planning, which we've done and will continue to do. The biggest updates from this week are, we picked up 3 new keen investigators, and we worked more of our branches.
     We finally had a lesson with a part member family, the Fatupaitu'a family. They have a son now living with them from Australia, and they adopted a daughter from Samoa. They've both been coming to church. I've been a bit worried that they're just going out of respect of their parents. But for mutual they're doing a Glee festival for a big stake activity, and the youth are doing a dance. And from what I've seen, they really do enjoy it. So we're going to do our best to make sure they're doing it for themselves and not just for their parents. But if they can't find the mum's records all goes right, we'll be able to baptize 3 from their family.
     Other than that we've been trying to work in our other branches. We went to Te Kuiti and I was looking for past investigators. I found out that one of my recent converts has been having a hard time, but wants to come back to church. And the best part is that she has friends that she can bring. So we'll really be working with her whenever we go down. Other than that, we've got a great ward council that are giving us lots of names to visit, and we're keeping really busy. I'm also really exited for the mission conference on Wednesday!


Elder Sorensen

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