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Monday, August 13, 2012

Tena Koe Aug. 13th

Kia ora whanau!!
     This last week was a bit trying. We had some good lessons set up where we were going to set a few people, but for various reasons they dodged appointments. But that doesn't mean that they're lost. So we're going to try again this week. We've got a few people that we're going to try to set this week. Ripeka, Nicole, and a referral named Peke. We also got a couple referrals from our PEC meeting this week. There's a family that just adopted a family member from Samoa, and also one of their sons moved back in with them whom we thought was a member, but they both turned out to be non members :).
      So that will be our focus this week. I feel we've done a pretty good job at finding referrals through members, now we just need to work with the ward to teach and baptize them and they'll have the best chance to come and stay!
      With that family with the 2 kids, the Fatupaitu'a family, their concern is that they don't want to push them to fast. So we've told them that we work as fast as they understand and gain a testimony. So they sounded comforted about that, but still didn't want us to really start teaching them till the 1st or 2nd week in September. But we convinced them to let us come this Thursday to let us explain about church and the things they're already a part of so that they can understand. They agreed, and hopefully this will be an earlier and better start than they were originally thinking. Of course we will follow the spirit though and not be just pushy.
     Sorry, not much time this week, we're taking turns on the chapel computer.  Love you all so much!  Praying for you, and I appreciate all of yours in my behalf!

Elder Sorensen

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