At age 19 I chose to leave my family in Providence Utah for 2 years, to spread the Gospel to the people of New Zealand, so they can be with their families for Eternity...

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept 27, 2010

Hi Family!!


I don't remember if I told you but I've been assigned to the Hamilton area with Elder Eckery as my companion. Things are good here. The landscape is beautiful! Especially around the temple and the outskirts of town. Getting used to being on the left side of the street has been tough to get used to. Even with biking. I'm on a bike in a small area covering a ward called Dinsdale. The area is called the bow tie area because there is a round-a-bout in the middle of it and our coverage goes out in a bowtie shape. The people here are pretty nice...usually. We've had some pretty rude people already, but most people are nice, and turn us down kindly. Haha, on Saturday we met a girl at the bus stop who said she didn't have a name. We approached her and she sat with her head cocked to the side and wouldn't acknowledge us, so we stepped in front of her and introduced out names and asked her's. She said "I don't have one." I almost burst out laughing. So we started asking her if knowing how families can be together forever would interest her. And she finally had it. She said something like "Go away. Go tell somebody who gives a darn." So we told her to have a nice day and enjoy the little bit of sun and she said "what sun?" I thought that was pretty funny.

We've only taught one real lesson since I've been here to a guy whose name is Kat. He's an interesting fellow. He looked to be around his 50's. I guess Elder Eckery had taught him once already and had him read about the church on and When we visited him he said he did a lot of reading around "good and bad". We thought, uh oh. But we told him that if he wants to learn the truth of things to go to those who believe it and also to pray. So this time we taught him some of the plan of salvation. While we were talking about how we lived with God he started asking about Kolob. We just told him enough to satisfy him and moved on. He also said he really likes to read, and that he doesn't want the 'milk' but he wants 'meat'. So he likes to think which is really good, because people like him who convert really go whole heartedly and stay converted.

Elder Eckery says that we have a good pool of about 15 people, but I've only met a few of them. I guess tomorrow is going to be really busy and we'll be teaching a lot. I still feel really green right now, how I don't know where anything is, who anybody is in the ward, and being shy. But everything will come with time and expirience.

The weather here I guess has been worse that it usually is. My first night in Auckland it hailed for a couple minutes, and it rains off and on constantly. Yesterday and today have really been the first days with any considerable sunshine. I've been loving the rain, but the sun has been nice. I guess the first day of spring was Sept 1st and they had a beautiful day, and then it went back to rain ever since. Which I guess is really strange.

President said we're only alowed to eat at member's 4 times a week, otherwise we'd eat ever day. Yesterday we had a big meal at the Taylor's flat. I think they are Maori. And we had mince, potatos, and mixed vegetables. I think thats the most common meal here. And they have bread with about every meal. We had a dessert that was like a cross between yogurt and whipped cream.

Have to go. Love you all!
Elder Sorensen

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