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Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan 17,2011

Kia Ora!

Its been another hot week here in Kiwi-land. Not much has really changed here either. I'm still in beautiful country, but the people that come with it are pretty complacent. The work here in Te Kuiti is pretty slow. We only have 2 people actually progressing. We started teaching the branch mission leader's wife and she's set for baptism on the 29th of January. Kasey (branch mission leader) was less active and his wife had been through a few sets of missionaries. Kasey has fully come back to church and loves is, and his wife has really clicked with us. And then we met a guy named Owen, and his partner Tiaroha. He had made a resolution after his nan (grandma) died to really change his life and really look into religion. He really likes what we teach and is accepting it pretty readily.
Tracting is getting really hard here. Its frustrating when so many people openly reject God like they do here. I can understand when they have a different religion, but a lot of people here openly/bluntly reject God in their lives. And the hard part is we don't have many investigators to see, and we're running out of ideas to do other than tract. But the work is moving forward regardless.
We had interviews with President last Wednesday. It was pretty good. I love talking one on one with President Porter. I'm going to miss him when he leaves in July. Today we were going to go to Mt. Ruapehu (Mt. Doom) but there's bad weather down there, so we'll go on a bush walk today, and hopefully Mt. Ruapehu next week. A week from Thursday is transfers again. We'll see what happens, and I have no predictions.

Elder Sorensen
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