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Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21,2011

Kia Ora!

This week has been a bit cooler. Very nice cloud cover to cool things off. And the work continues as well. This week was pretty stressful for a few reasons. We were planning on having one trade-off this week with our District leader on Tuesday. That's all fine, but then the Zone leaders called us Wednesday morning and said they were going to do a surprise trade off. And then it took another trade off on Thursday to get everybody back into their own areas. Wednesday and Thursday I led the area here in Te Kuiti. Which was pretty stressful having your Zl's and Dl breathing down your neck and watching everything you do. It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't a surprise. I did get a lot out of it though. I learned what it would be like to be a senior companion for a couple of days. Gained a lot of expirience.

Then something else happened. Saturday night we got back and found out our bikes were stolen. We were in a real hurry to get back on time, and forgot to lock them. Completely my fault. Then Sunday after church we were driving to an appointment and saw a kid riding my bike. We pulled him over and started talking to him. He (15) had already taken off the gear shifter for the front gears, the lights and reflectors and my name sticker. I still knew it was mine because of a scratch mark that matched up exactly with the bike rack we had. And plus, when you ride a bike basically every day for almost 6 months, you know when its your bike. We got all the information out of him we could, but nothing we could hold as legit information. As we were talking with him, one of his mate's (friends) rode up and started being pretty mouthy with us. And started telling us gang threats like "get off my street" and "quit messing with my mates" and things like that. Then a car with a bunch of guys came up as we were leaving. And I recognized one of the guys who had a short temper. He had a moku all over his face. So we left without much, but we got the serial # from the bike there, and we're going to compare it to the # they have registered to me in Auckland.

When we got back to the flat straight after we called in the report to the police station. He got some detail off of us and came by and talked with us about it all. This morning we got a message on our phone from the officer saying that they had pulled some kids in for questioning and had one of our bikes in for evidence. So I'll get my bike back within the next couple of days. Sadly though, I need to by new parts for it. I'll let you know when I get it back. God definitely answers prayers. No luck with my companion's bike, but he says its okay because he goes home in 2 transfers.

I'll keep you updated with everything, and I'll definitely lock my bike up everytime from here on out. I love you all, and you're always in my prayers! Don't be afraid to send pictures to me.  I promise it doesn't make me home sick.  I actually love seeing pictures, and I haven't seen a pic of Andi since she was born, so don't be afraid to send pictures.  Tell Michelle and Jared good luck moving in when they do.  Make sure you get Jake to work moving furniture and stuff.  And tell him to work double hard for me.  You're just changing everything in the house.  I won't be able to recognize the house when I get home.
Love you so much Mum!!!  Thanks for everything!!

I almost forgot.  Last week I got to see the Rugby World Cup in person here in Te Kuiti!  Its pretty small, but way cool that I got to see it in person!

Aroha nui!
Elder Sorensen

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