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Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

Kia Ora Whanau!

This last week has been pretty enjoyable. The rain has been back to cool everything off. I guess winter is on its way. In fact, this morning was 50*F and 65% humidity. Really cold with the humidity and when you're used to pretty good heat. Everybody says its about time for the winter rain. On Saturday one of our investigators finally got married. It was nice and small. Filled up the small chapel, and the reception was pretty good too. Not too fancy, but it served its purpose, and they're happy. His name is Wayne, and she's a member, Daniella. All went pretty smooth, and now we're working on Wayne getting baptized. Going to be a very slow process, especially since he is on weed, said about 3 sessions a day. Wow. I don't know how people can afford to smoke, drink, drugs, and still provide the necessities for their family. We are truly blessed following the word of wisdom, and the rest of the gospel.

This Thursday is transfers, and our predictions is that Elder Luckhardt, and Elder Mayer (my DL) will both be shifted. And Elder Luckhardt thinks that this will be my 6 month area. He says most missionaries have a 6 month area in the country. I've learned heaps, but it was difficult learning. Learning from experience is hard a lot of the time. But everything is all goods. No major fights or disagreements with any companions...yet? Hopefully I'm pretty easy to get a long with. I'll let you know what results come from transfers next Monday. We don't have any major plans for this week other than transfers, and no baptisms till the 19th. But Tiaroha is pretty excited about it. She's gone through true conversion, and is ready and looking forward to baptism.

Oh yeah, we had Zone Conference last week. It was pretty good. Elder Callister, President of the Pacific area, and member of the 70, came and spoke. The whole conference was on the atonement. What it means to us, what it can mean to an investigator, and how to teach it simply and powerfully. Really spirit filled. And my companion and I won the tim tam award for cleanest car.
 Right end

I've picked up a few things in Maori. If you want to say hi, its Kia Ora (kyora). How are you is Kete pehe a kue (kay-tay pay-hey ah kwey). I'm good is Kete Pae (kay-tay Pie). Family is Whanau (fah no). Work is Mahi (mah hee). I'm trying to pick up some Samoan too. Its pretty fun to learn lots of little phrases in different languages. It really helps people open up when you talk to them in their native language.

Love you all, and I really appreciate your prayers in mine, and other missionaries behalves. Appreciate all you do for me.

Elder Sorensen

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