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Monday, August 8, 2011


Kia Ora!!

     Ke te pehe kautau?  I can't believe another week has passed in my oversea's experience in Kiwi Land.  I see it more and more ever week, that days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days.  Last Saturday we had a temple trip, and Peter and Vienna came.  It was a big success.  Pretty fun to go with everyone packed in a mini van, 8 seats full. 
     Brother Wright as the ward mission leader is awesome.  He's saving us a lot of stress making sure there's food/clothes/food/programme/food/water and a light refreshment afterwards.  So its really nice that he's taking care of everything.  Sadly we're going to drop Patu.  He's just not keeping any commitments. 
     So last week my bike got stolen again, and found again.  We've been pretty busy otherwise I'd take a picture and show you a picture of it now.  We were going to a lesson with Brother Wright and we saw a couple of teenage girls on bikes, and Elder Jibas yelled out "thats my bike, follow them!"  So we followed them down a street and they took a dirt footpath between a couple streets.  We turned around to head them off.  We jumped out of the car to look for them and they were running back the other way.  Went back to the other street and they were gone, but my companion went to look where they were at and they had left the bikes in the trees.  His was pretty much the way it was, but they've hand painted mine.  You'd think that they'd do a halfway decent job, but it's pretty terrible.  But it still runs from point A to B.  I'll have to get some mud flaps again so I don't ruin my suits.  But all this just makes me laugh.  And I'm definately going to take better care that my bike won't be stolen again. 
     Well I've got limited time this week, but enjoy the pictures.  Love you all and thanks for everything!

Aroha nui!
Elder Sorensen

Feed after Jack's Baptism

Kaimai's pass

Back Side of Kaimai's

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