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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kia ora January 30th

    Its been another pretty good week here in Whangarei, Kiwi-country.  
   This week was a bit disappointing in regards to effort compared to results.  Despite a low PBTW (preach by the way) number we still were able to find 9 new investigators.  By Saturday night we had 7 possibly 8 investigators planning and committed to come to sacrament meeting, but even despite morning calls, only one showed up.  We also tried to show our faith by setting a new investigator for three weeks in advance, but she didn't come so she lost her date.  She was a miracle find and set.  One of our investigators referred us to her Auntie who just moved in and is going through a hard time.  We talked with her on her door step about how the gospel helps change lives, and promised her that she'd be able to quit smoking and make the changes in her life just like her sister (who had just come back to church a little bit ago).  We even set her for baptism for the 18th of February.  But since she didn't come to church that dropped her for that date.  
     This area is ready and we're doing our best.  We're getting lots of new investigators, but as you can see they're falling out through the pipeline somewhere.  On Sunday we were able to give a training on missionary work for the 5th Sunday combined lesson.  It went really good, so hopefully we'll be able to see the ward get on board with us even more.  The Elder's quorum is doing much better at coming out to fellowship with us, so that is a big relief.  So we're trying our best to get a ward mission leader, and also to coordinate with the ward better.
     Elder Clark is doing great.  He's not afraid to step up and take the lead.  My personality is a bit quieter and a bit slower with people, but I'm doing my best.  Sometimes while I take some time to think how to explain things clearly or simply, he just jumps right in and goes.  Its a bit frustrating at times, but I'm handling it pretty good I think.  So yeah, he's ready to take the lead. 
     Then on Saturday we had a scary experience.  We had a member referral to go see a guy named Cedric Tipene.  He told us that Cedric had a dog that barks, but's just a big teddy bear.  The directions were a bit dodgy, but we thought that we could find it good enough.  We we go down a long driveway up to the fence.  Up on the deck we see a rottweiler.  I thought 'oh great!  Well, Brother Pou said it was just a big teddy bear.'  So we decided to go in.  Elder Clark went first (I'm smart enough to never go first when dealing with strange dogs) and was right about to make friends with the dog, when I see another rottweiler come tearing around the corner.  My first thoughts were "brother Pou didn't say anything about 2 dogs!  Oh crap!"  Luckily the owner trained them to recognize to people's personalities, and luckily we had a good enough personality to make friends.  The guy in the house ended up letting us come in, and we're going back to teach him on Wednesday.  I hate dogs.  I don't think I'm ever going to get one.  
     Thank-goodness I'm still healthy, happy and having the time of my life here in Kiwi-country (still have yet to see one).  But things are going well and moving forward.  Love you all!

Elder Sorensen

Can you find me?

I'm on the right side

(From Sister Lekias) Dear Elders and Sisters,

Sorry I didn’t get this photo to you all earlier, but President and I have just returned from Niue Island.

What a wonderful sight you all are.  WE LOVE YOU, and are proud of the PMG Missionaries you are all becoming.

What a wonderful experience we have all had hearing from an Apostle of the Lord, I must admit I am still rereading the wonderful notes I took from that meeting and continue to feel uplifted and inspired.  I hope you all feel this way too.  We can all do better and qualify for the Lord’s blessings in our lives.

I know that this year is going to be amazing, but it is also going to stretch each one of us, if we want to accomplish our goal of 2012 baptisms in 2012.  We can do it, because we are NZAM Missionaries and we serve in the greatest mission in the world.

I hope you can feel the excitement and are ready to get on board and work harder than you have ever worked before!!!!

Hope you enjoy the photo,

Lots of love
Sister Lekias

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